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Wooden garden furniture – For every beautiful garden needs a perfect companion

A perfect garden is every home owner’s dream. There is no better place to unwind after a long day than your garden, with your favorite cuppa. They calm your evenings and reenergize you. Wake up to them and they make your mornings exciting. Such is the charm of a beautiful garden.Wooden garden furniture  37

Thinking of setting up a garden, one cannot ignore garden furniture that forms an integral part of your yard. While there are many options to explore in the market, wooden garden furniture emerge as a more desirable choice, because of their aesthetic appeal and warm beauty. They are classic, yet contemporary, and compliment the serenity of your garden. Wooden garden furniture come with so many variants today which are durable and weather resistant, that you will be spoilt for choice.Wooden garden furniture  79

You can choose from different kinds of wood to suit your preferences of durability, look, color, sheen, price and longevity and pick the right one to compliment your garden and synchronize with your home. You can opt for a vintage look or a cool modern look and choose wooden garden furniture to your taste.

Teak furniture can offer a classic feel, with the benefit of being water repellant and decay resistant. They are an ageless piece of beauty and have a golden sheen. On the other hand, redwood are a rarity and offer a rustic look. Acacia are available in abundance and a good alternative to redwood. Cedar, being light weight, is paint friendly compared to its other counterparts, and can be matched to your house easily. While these are only a few options mentioned, your choice options are innumerable.Wooden garden furniture  58

Lastly, it is important to choose the right size and design that augments your yard. A big garden will look good with a designer piece with a big bench, where as a smaller one needs a space efficient solution. A perfect wooden furniture can transform your garden into haven and make your every garden date magical.