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3 futuristic-looking massage chairs to improve your living space

The focus shifts from work harder to work smarter as recent studies have shown Stress is the biggest culprit of disease.

And how better to relax and get some TLC than with one personal massage in your own home.

For this reason, high-quality massage chairs are very trendy. You are like a personal masseuse at your disposal.


Some people are tentative. Where will this monstrous giant find one? place at my home? How will I do it? fit in my very humble decorations? It will not overwhelm my entire living room?

Well, no. You really don’t have to There is a style that fits your home.

No matter what features of the space age these high-end miracle workers now have, they are forward on the design front. Massage chairs are now space-saving and slim design that makes them fit in almost any living space.

so we have 3 high-end models checked for design. So yes, they all have a list of amazing features, and I mean amazing. But let’s look at the look.

Luraco i7 Plus massage chair

11 3 Futuristic-looking massage chairs to improve your living space

Let’s take a look at them first Luraco i7 Plus.

According to Bella Hardy at Health nerdy, “Luraco massage chair upgraded with a faster and more powerful operating system and you can choose from 3 color options that enhance any interior”

Now scroll back and look at this chair again. Sure, it’s a bit bulky, but it really is no bigger than a big armchair.

It has a Box shapethat it contains. It takes up a little more space than a normal chair, but it does abstains pretty well. It is also available in three muted colors, black, chocolate or cream, which fit into any living space.

Unfortunately, this chair requires a lot of space to operate (27 inches from the wall Backrest), but that’s the only downside in terms of design. And if you arrange things just right, then can become a focal point in its own little zen cave

Overall, this model will fit into a more conservative living space the best. It looks like a big armchair, but it does so much more.

Human Touch Super Novo massage chair

22 3 Futuristic-looking massage chairs to improve your living space

Now this space pod is a bit more eye-catching than the Luraco, but its clean lines have been designed to be a lot space-saving. It only requires 2 inch wall areaSo it doesn’t have to be in the middle of a room, which attracts less attention.

The Super Novo is also available in five colors. The traditional black, cream, gray and red has now been supplemented by the color “saddle brown” shown above. That means you can choose a color that best suits your style.

So while this design is a little bit more Space agethere are some neutral tones that match your decor. It also takes up a lot less space to operate, which means it can stand somewhere in its own corner less suspicious Here you can calmly enjoy all its wonderful properties.

Lamborghini massage chair

33 3 Futuristic-looking massage chairs to improve your living space

Now that. The Lamborghini.

It looks like a transformer. It is the epitome of High-tech Design.

If you like robotics, this is definitely the design you want.

But if you don’t, it will by far the most distant massage chair you will find. So make sure you like the look before spending the money.

That being said, sure that it doesn’t match the decor in a conventional living room, however If you like cars, robots, or high-tech things in general, you’ll love the design on this chair.

It is modeled on that Aventador. It even sounds like an Aventador when it starts. But what this model has is Mood therapy LED lighting This creates a soothing ambience while you are actually sitting in it with great anti-anxiety properties.

So yes, the style of the thing may not exactly suit your taste, but it is one eye-catching cool design. You have to admit that. And when you are there, a soothing capsule of therapeutic relaxation is created. Which could convince almost anyone who has the money for this chair to treat themselves a little more Design a room around the chairinstead of choosing a chair that fits the design of the room.

It is available in yellow, red, blue and white. And although it doesn’t suit your style or your bag, there are definitely more than a few people who sacrificed the personal style for this chair.

last words

Okay, we checked the look of three very different top class chairs. And as you can see, there is a chair for every type. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages.

But really, if you take the time to take a good look at it, the designs of the massage chairs have changed a lot. And although they may look large and bulky at first glance, they don’t actually have to be the heart of a room. Unless you want them to be.

But above all that futuristic designs We see in massage chairs these days are not out there like you might think. In fact, they can Improve your living space exponentially through clear lines and beautiful aesthetics.