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3 rooms that could benefit from a wood makeover in 2020

We meet one at the beginning of each year Abundance of trends in interior design that may or may not take the world by storm. It is no different this year. Countless trends in terms of walls, floors, cupboards, cupboards, beds and bathrooms are already in competition. Although there are a number of new trends that are being taken up, there are also those design styles that never grow old. A good example of this is wood, which due to its versatility, affordability and durability is once again the first choice for designers and homeowners. While wood can be easily integrated into the interior of every room in your house, there are three areas in particular where wood will be used extensively in 2020.

In the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home and thanks to its versatility, wood can be used in a variety of ways. Roughly carved ceiling beams give an otherwise classic design a touch of drama, while extractor hoods with a wood look make a comeback. When interior designers start turning away from granite slabs, dark, natural woods such as walnut and wenge alongside vintage wooden slab shelves are becoming increasingly popular. Don’t be afraid to combine modern wood surfaces with more rustic surfaces. Modern oak cabinets can be given a personal touch with recovered walnut panels, while vintage lights surprisingly go well with avant-garde stools.

In the bedroom

Minimalist, nature-inspired bedrooms will be very popular in 2020. Tiles and Laminate will make room For hardwood floors that can easily add warmth to a room, while wooden bed frames outperform padded bed frames. One way to easily incorporate wood into your bedroom in 2020 is with a headboard. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a rustic old wood headboard or a headboard with intricate details with CNC cutting technology. Wood is fabulous in all its different forms and adds a lot to the ambience of a bedroom, especially if you incorporate your own designs and details. You can also add wooden elements to your room using floating shelves, mirror and photo frames, wooden sculptures and lights.

In the bathroom

The bathrooms will be left natural in 2020, wood and green come together in exquisite designs. The biophile design trend is also visible unprocessed wooden elements such as logsTree stumps and driftwood penetrate the bathroom as decorative and functional elements alongside the floor-to-ceiling greenery. Cabinets, vanities and shelves made of light and medium wood will continue to be popular, while large mirrors with wooden frames of all shapes and sizes adorn the walls of large and small bathrooms. Although wood is both versatile and timeless, imitation wood has fallen out of favor with many top designers. For this reason, choose a more natural floor type and integrate real wood into your design elsewhere.

Wood is one of the most timeless design elements you will ever find. By adding wood elements to your home, you not only bring a piece of nature into the house, but also give warmth and personality to any space in which you integrate it.