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3 tips for renovating a flooded basement

Obviously, since basements are the lowest area in a house, they’re one of the most flood-hit areas. To make matters worse, basements are flooded not only due to heavy rain and flash floods, but also due to installation problems such as bursting or leaking pipes. Indeed, basement flooding is such a common problem that many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring structural damage that can occur during a significant flood. If you ever decide to make your basement look beautiful and semi-habitable, you should probably do some renovation work to cover up flood damage. Here are some important tips to consider before you start:

1. First fix any water damage

It may seem appealing to quickly and easily tap some paint on the walls and lay laminate floors to cover the stains left by a flood. However, these stains represent not only an aesthetic imperfection, but also the potential for invisible damage such as putrefaction, rust or corrosion. The best way to ensure that all of these issues are resolved thoroughly before proceeding to renovate your basement is: Rent a professional water damage service inspect and repair the basement before starting the restoration or renovation project.

2. Apply flood proofing coatings

Since you will likely be painting anyway, you can also add some coatings that will protect the basement from flood damage in the future. Of course, once the room is flooded, there is a good chance that it will likely reappear. There are many Flood protection procedures and products that protect your walls, floors and wooden furniture from flood damage. This is an important and wise step as water can quickly damage and penetrate some materials. Flood protection coatings do not make the interior of your basement completely impervious to moisture, but can delay water damage for so long that extensive cleaning is possible.

3. Put an industrial wet vacuum cleaner on standby

To avoid spending a lot of time and money on a renovation that will only be ruined by a future flood, it is best to have a reliable method of removing water for your basement floor. This could be your salvation in the event of a flash flood that employs all clean-up crews in your area. An iindustrial wet vacuum gives you the ability to pump water out of the basement and lower the flood level to minimize damage that can occur if the water stays still for hours or days.

Opt for comprehensive flood insurance protection

Finally, remember that you will be renovating an area of ​​your home that is most vulnerable to flooding. So you have to be prepared for the likelihood that another cellar flood will occur at some point. In that case, you’ll be much happier and less worried when you have premium flood insurance that protects you from the list of expenses associated with yet another recovery process.