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Outdoor Furniture and Garden Design Ideas to Recycle Salvaged Wood Pallets

Wooden pallet gardens are a very popular trend right now. So why not get creative this spring and make your own pallet project? There are several ways you can add an upcycled wooden pallet to your garden plan. It can be laid vertically, horizontally or flat. The palette can be filled with herbs, colorful flowers or succulents. These can be placed pretty much anywhere and are fabulous for large or small outdoor spaces. Check out some inspirational ideas below with all sources linking to full tutorials.

To find a wooden pallet, try your local recycling center to see where you can source wooden pallets, or look online such as. B. Craigslist. Make sure the wooden pallets are in good condition and have not been treated with pesticides. See below for more information on this.

How can you tell if a pallet is safe to reuse?
Care must be taken when upcycling used pallets. Some may contain some dangerous chemicals that can be found on them. Be sure to look at the side of the pallets, there is a stamp there. If you see HT, it is heat treated wood and can be used. If you see MB has been treated with a pesticide, please do not use it. Also, stay away from pallets marked CH as they are made in China. The pallets with US or CA stamp are safe to use. Avoid painted palettes as you don’t know the toxicity of the paint used. Paint them yourself with non-toxic latex paint if you like.