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Courtyard Design Ideas You Will Want To Recreate

Courtyards are outdoor spaces that are completely or partially enclosed on all sides by a fence, wall or even plants, creating the ultimate private outdoor oasis. Courtyards usually have no roof and allow sunlight in, which also creates green spaces inside. The best thing about courtyards? As long as you are aware of the size and dimensions, you can create a cozy outdoor living area even in the smallest of spaces. Consider the following design considerations when renovating an existing patio or building a new one, including ideas for walls, flooring, landscaping and more.

How to add a courtyard
If you plan to add a courtyard to your home, consider how it will face the sun and how you will enter and exit the house and garden. The more entrances there are to the courtyard, the more likely you are to use the space. Whatever material you choose, make sure the patio flooring flows away from the house. Before building a courtyard, you should also think about privacy. One option is to create partial roofing by extending the rafters over the new structure.

How to Add a Courtyard to an Existing Renovation
If you plan to extend your home, consider incorporating a courtyard into your plans – this may not increase the cost of the project as you might think. The additional costs you will incur are for a wall (which is no longer shared with the rest of the house) and the hallway required to connect the new structure to the existing house. You can then fence in the yard with a fence or a thick hedge.