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Different types of bar stools: how to choose the perfect style for your room

Having a bar or island in your restaurant is practically a must. There aren’t that many venues without one. A drinking or counter area is a functional and versatile thing. Also, having this space gives you the option to incorporate commercial bar stools into your restaurant design. They have elements that enhance the decor of any room in which they are located. There are countless types of bar stools to choose from, but your decision depends on the quality and overall style of your interior.

You may already have a style that you think best suits your decor. However, there are factors that you need to consider before buying commercial bar stool. Aesthetics are important as the bar stools you choose should catch your customers’ attention at first sight. Not only should they be classy and exquisite, the bar stools should also be functional and built to withstand the daily stresses and strains of your venue. Like any other piece of furniture, bar stools built for commercial use are fundamentally different from those built for a home bar. Commercial bar furniture should be comfortable for the majority of your guests. Elements such as durability and height should also be carefully considered. As a restaurateur or bar owner, it’s important to know that brand loyalty in the food industry depends not only on the food and drink you serve, but also on the general appearance and comfort that your restaurant furniture offers your customers. As a result, a stool that doesn’t fit well under your counter or restaurant table can damage your brand and negate its design.

Bar stool against counter stool

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When it comes down to it, the only real difference between a counter stool and a bar stool is height. Bar height tables are generally taller than counters. The most important tip when buying the right type of stool is to make sure the height fits comfortably with the table or countertop you want to combine it with. You would have to measure the table or counter height first. Legroom should also be taken into account. If you measure the width of the table or counter, you can see how many stools you can place around them. Leave at least 5 cm between each chair so that guests can sit comfortably and do not feel crowded. If your chair has swivel joints or armrests, you should allow 8 or 10 inches of space between them. Nothing is worse than buying the stools you think are perfect, only to find that they are either too high or too low for your high table or counter.

Construction and materials

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As with any other piece Restaurant furnitureWood and metal are the two most common materials used to build bar stools. Most bar stools are offered in a variety of frame surfaces and colors that complement the style of your venue. When it comes to materials, functionality, comfort, low maintenance and simple cleanliness are key.

Bar stools made of wood are available in different designs. To get a sense of cohesiveness in a room, the frame finish selected for your bar stool should match other wood accents in the same room. With metal, powder-coated surfaces are more durable than untreated surfaces. If you have a modern or minimalist dining room, metal bar stools may be a better choice. Regarding materials for fully upholstered stools or seats, you should use pads that are easy to clean, such as vinyl or commercially available fabrics.

Main features and styles

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Although most are built for the same purpose, stools have different properties. Some can pan while others remain static. Most have a footrest, while some have thickly padded pads. If you use your as a decorative piece more than a practical seat, consider it an accent in your venue. For example, Tolix style bar stools are easy to clean and maintain, but their design may not be suitable for an upscale bar or restaurant, while wooden bar stools add a more luxurious element to these venues.


Bar stools with armrests add a more formal look to your decor. Some of these bar stools in the restaurant are offered in upholstered or upholstered armrests to allow a more comfortable seating experience. They offer more function and structure.


Swivel bar stools can be easily turned over so that guests can get in and out of their seats without having to move the entire stool. These bar stools offer comfort and maneuverability with their 360 degree swivel function, while the rest of the frame remains stationary. This makes them ideal for sports bars and other venues that offer live entertainment.


Bolted bar stools are commonly used in bowling alleys and other venues where permanent seating is required. Thoughtfully constructed and carefully designed, they give character and combine design with functionality.


Similar to rotating bar stools, backless stools allow you to get in and out. This potentially minimizes accidents and operational disruptions when there is a lot of traffic in restaurants / bars. These stools can be used in places where visual connectivity is required.

Retro / vintage

Retro style, especially bucket bar stools, provide added convenience for customers who spend long periods in restaurants or bars. They are also a perfect way to add a little fun and vintage charm to your existing decor. They are equipped with a chrome or black metal frame and round seats. Many of them are adjustable in height, which makes them ideal for hairdressing shops, hairdressing salons, etc.


Inspired by legendary designers, industrial style bar stools are available in metal-wood materials and two-tone surfaces. They look robust and rustic and look contemporary. Distressed wood, black / gray metal with rich warm surfaces bring a useful flair and give them a casual storage charm.


The more traditional style is characterized by a dark wood frame and a vinyl padded seat to achieve a formal and stately look in a room, especially in an upscale setting. If you are looking for something with visual appeal, high quality craftsmanship and refined details, this is the style for you.

Modern / contemporary

If you’re looking for a statement piece that isn’t over the top, sleek, contemporary design is what you need. These bar stools come with shiny, minimalist frames that are usually molded from fully welded metal.

They go well with modern and traditional decor themes. Their different back designs fit every style and give every venue an updated look.

Remember that your choice should depend not only on the interior, but also on the type of atmosphere you want to convey.