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Five kinds of dining room chairs to perfect your remarkable dining room!

Dining room chairs alone can help set the tone of your dining room. York Times’ interior designer Vicente Wolf once remarked, “There’s nothing as boring as a table surrounded by chairs that all look identical.” And it is true indeed! And if you too, are looking for some unique dining room chairs but are confused about what to chose, I am here to help you with five remarkable designs to perfect your dining room. Here we go!

The Parsons Chair

It was first made in the 1930s. A parson’s chair can suit almost all decor styles. It is created to maintain comfort with away excess decoration. It is a simple, elegant chair and would go with almost any dining room. It can also be upholstered in various fabrics like leather, linen etc.

The Arm Chair

These kinds of chairs usually give a formal feel. Along with the traditional design of side chair, they have arms that are attached to the back and seat by narrow pieces. Contrasting armchairs are usually used to convey a statement.

The Traditional Side Chair

Generally sitting along the sides of a dining table, armless chairs are usually called side chairs. This is the most common dining room chair used in kitchens and dining rooms throughout the world. It usually has the traditional arched back and a wooden seat.

The Contemporary Design

If you want to have a dining room that has a contemporary feel to it, the contemporary design dining room chairs can point to a variety of chairs. The most common among these are usually made of bent wood or molded plastic and metal. Another example is a curved wood design contrasting old fashioned materials with modern shaping.

Rustic Style

The rustic style dining room chairs give a pastoral feel. They are usually made of unpolished natural wood, have rough edges and a loose playful design. The most common among these chairs is the “log style” frame with patterned and upholstered seats.

So, these were the five kinds of dining room chairs that you could furnish your dining rooms with. Which one do you choose?!