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How do I organize a washroom?  Some storage ideas

Laundry rooms are often tiny and require a lot of thought and organization. Washrooms may therefore not be used for decorative purposes. Instead, the focus of these spaces is on organization. In this article, we’ll look at how to organize a washroom to get the best results.

Sometimes people fear the time when they have to do laundry and the activities involved. But remember, why does it keep happening? Maybe it’s because the work is demanding, but it could also be a badly organized washroom that scares people. If they are poorly organized, it can feel messy and unattractive, which leads to even more resistance to the task.

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Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to better organize your washroom. There are many ways to organize a washroom. Not only can we improve the functionality of the room, we can also use decorative items and materials that make it much more pleasant.

Here we look at how to organize a washroom. It contains several practical solutions and some useful tips and tricks that can make it more enjoyable. Even if you work with small rooms, you can see a lot from this list.

How to organize a washroom

Add shelves to walls

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Eliminate wasted wall space with open shelves on the walls. Adding and storing detergents and different bottles has never been easier than on shelves. Think of the wall as a missed opportunity to maximize space.

Hang bars can help you

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Another very useful way to take advantage of the potentially wasted wall space is to add hanging bars. As soon as your machine has finished washing, you can simply hang the clothes directly on these hanging bars. This minimizes the amount of work and also the space you need to hang the clothes.

Add drying racks

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Not only the walls, but also the ceiling offer missed opportunities. For example, you can simply hang a ladder in the shape of a ladder on the ceiling and get a brand new drying rack.

You can hang the drying rack with chains on the ceiling and hang the clothes to be dried or pressed. This drying rack can be especially useful if you wash your clothes by hand.

Drying sticks under the shelves

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In addition to the drying racks, you can use the space under the shelves by adding drying racks where you can put towels or clothes to dry. This is also a very useful feature when ironing clothes as it allows you to drop the ironed or ironable clothes, which can be very useful.

Mesh pockets

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Get several mesh bags and wash and dry your family members’ underwear and socks. Simply separate the underwear and socks from the person and add them to individual pockets. Once washed and dried, each member can simply collect them, or you can arrange them more easily once you iron them.

Use an old ladder

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If you have an old ladder around the house for which you don’t know what to use it for, this is an idea for you: use it as a clothes horse by hanging it on the ceiling. All you need is to add some color and a little redecorate, and it’s ready to use.

Use the corners

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In addition to walls and ceilings, corners are overlooked in the laundry room. In reality, however, they offer priceless space to provide corners with shelves where you can sort clothes or put different containers on them. Detergents, cleaning agents and other different bottles can be placed on the shelves so that you can use the space.

Laundry chute

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The laundry chute is a fantastic idea to minimize the frequency of climbing and descending stairs. You can easily install a slide in your washroom to feel more comfortable. Although it may seem a little dated, this simple trick can become an invaluable part of your home.

Get a linen closet

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It would be a good idea to buy a linen closet with a small space that is specially made for small spaces. In this cabinet you can store different things in a small space. You can keep the devices out of sight and also make optimal use of the design, as some doors are very nicely designed.

Chest with laundry baskets

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Such a chest can be very useful for small washrooms because you can use multiple baskets that are grouped together in a small chest. These baskets can easily be pushed out of place and pulled back when not in use. Apart from the fact that they use the space optimally, their plates can be used as a worktop for ironing.

Get a laundry cart

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A small laundry trolley can be a very good solution to keep all the important things for washing if you can afford the space. If you can install it between your appliances, such a trolley is ideal for storing various small features of your washroom, such as: B. small bottles and various other things that are required for washing clothes.

In addition, this trolley can be a trolley and can be used to transport items into and out of your washroom. It can even serve as a container for dirty clothes that you can collect around the house and then bring back.

Curtain can separate the room

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If your washroom is too small to install doors, but you still want to separate the room in the washroom, curtains are ideal. If you want to hide your devices like the washer or dryer, curtains can definitely do that. Although they don’t mask the sounds of the devices, they can be more than useful for masking things that you don’t want others to see.

Kitchen pantry

Traditional-Kitchen-with-butler-pantry-from-Living-Edge-Kitchens How to organize a washroom?  Some storage ideasImage source: Living Edge kitchens

If you can’t afford to have a washroom at all, you can have a miniature washroom in a pantry that hides behind closet doors. This idea is particularly useful for those who don’t have enough space for the dryer or washing machine. In addition, you can keep all detergents and other important things in this pantry.

Final thoughts on how to organize a washroom

The best tip for organizing a washroom is to invest your time and money in it. Mostly, a laundry room is a mess, leading to disorganized arrangements that can result in loss of clothing and more time in the laundry room. Take the time to organize everything and then remain consistent in the long term. The best way to organize a washroom is to keep everything organized and in place for long periods of time. Though it may take some time, it will be worth it and washing won’t feel like a chore again.

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