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How to style windows of different sizes

We often don’t think too much about how we design our windows after sorting the window decorations because most people don’t think too much about it. There is a lot of untapped potential in terms of what you can do with windows, big and small. So what exactly can you do to design your windows around the house? Let’s find out.

-Wide windows

Wide windows can be difficult to design. If you have a window that is more than 4 meters wide, it can be difficult to find blinds that match your window extra wide blinds out there, but if there is no wide window in your bedroom or too much sunlight, blinds are not required.

The best way to make a wide window is to have a great view from the window. If your wide window points to your garden, it will pay off if you spend a little more time making your garden look picturesque, if you use wide windows like this your garden will become a huge piece of art with great views and admires nature.

-Tall Windows

Tall windows look great as they are most of the time. The long window ensures that a lot of light falls into your home. If your high window is not in your bedroom, we do not recommend buying blinds or curtains for it, but take it with you. Take advantage of the majesty of your window and leave it as it is.

Tall windows usually have a fairly large windowsill. We therefore recommend that you use your windowsill as an additional shelf to display your personal possessions.

-Regular windows

When it comes to a standard size window, it is almost always the best way to get a nice set of blinds for you. It’s a classic look and blinds offer you a variety of style options, whether it’s the style of the blinds or the color of the material. Really with normal windows, a nice set of blinds is all you really need to style the window well.

-Small windows

When it comes to really small windows, you are unlikely to find curtains or blinds small enough to cover the window, and that’s not a bad thing. Similar to tall windows, they are ideal for displaying your personal belongings. Of course, they have to be small items to fit on the windowsill, but a few little trinkets on your windowsill look great.

-Bay Windows

Bay windows are another type of window that just look fantastic, but a nice set of blinds or curtains is a surefire way to improve their look, either on either side of the bay window or on the individual window panels.

One way to give a bay window some flair is to transform it into a small seating area. Bay windows are usually notched in the wall and as such have a window sill with plenty of space for one person. Just put a pillow or a soft window down when you step on the windowsill of your bay window, you have an excellent place to relax and read.