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Home DIY hacks you need to know

While we all have a bit more time during the closure, it’s clear that the nation has done home improvement, home improvement, and garden renovation. We have seen some creative and effective ways to clean, improve and enjoy your home!

Clean your blinds

Wooden blinds and louvre consist of horizontal slats that provide sun protection for your home. Wooden blinds bring the natural beauty of nature into your home or office. The variations are available in different colors, stains and colors, from rustic to modern to modern. Venetian blinds are usually made of aluminum and can be the perfect choice for a variety of different rooms, no matter what style you want to create. Blinds can be opened and closed, and the blind can be fully or partially opened to provide different lighting and privacy options.

It’s easy to understand why these are some of the most popular blind options on the market, but how do you keep them clean? Believe it or not, our top hack for cleaning your blinds is using a cookware!

Removing the dust from the individual slats can be time consuming, but this simple technique is easy to do. Simply wrap microfiber cloths, tissues or cloths around each side of a pair of pliers and fasten them with rubber bands – and voilà, you have your own DIY duster. You have dust-free blinds in seconds!

1-1 Home DIY hacks you need to know

Separate your curtains

Classic, lush and yet effortless, it’s obvious why curtains still one of the most popular types of window furniture. For those who want a perfect finish, it can be a little difficult to let your curtains hang evenly between the folds.

Our top hack uses empty toilet paper rolls between the folds so that the material hangs straight and perfect folds are achieved. To restore the look, all you have to do is keep your empty toilet paper rolls, measure the same width and thread them between the folds of material.

You can either remove the curtains completely and place a tube between the eyelets, or cut the tube lengthways and wrap it around the curtain rod.

3 home DIY hacks you need to know

2-1 Home DIY hacks you need to know

Homemade accessories

As soon as you have attached your favorite blinds or curtains, the last subtleties bring the room to life and give it a homely feeling. Windowsill accessories like oil diffusers and candles are a great way to set up your room. You can coordinate the color and make the room smell lush!

To make your own homemade diffuser, all you need is an empty bottle, a few reeds and a dash of your favorite smell.

We saved mini spirit bottles and removed the label. This way you can match the bottle color to the other colors in the room. Mini Whitley Neil Gin bottles are perfect and purple, or Jack Daniels are rustic and brown. Simply add a splash of your favorite oil, pour water on it and put your reeds in it. You can even add a small box, string, or ribbon to top it off.

4 home DIY hacks you need to know