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A guide to find the right outdoor rocking chair for your house

It is always fun sitting outdoors. You get to inhale some fresh air while the beautiful view of nature serves as feast for your eyes. You can enhance your experience of sitting outdoors by getting your hands on a nice outdoor rocking chair. There are different types of such chairs available in the market in different colors and styles and are made up of different materials. Before you start looking for one, you need to have some basic knowledge in your mind. Some of the commonly available choices for outdoor rocking chairs are discussed below.

Traditional rocking chairs

The traditionally designed rocking chairs are very elegant and classy. They comprise of two wooden curved bows that are attached to the structure of the chair.

Platform rocking chairs

Platform rocking chairs have a stable platform. The base of the chair always remains stationary while the seat and back of the chair glide. These types of rocking chairs have become very popular these days. You can put a cushion on the seat and glide on the chair for as long as you want to.


Glider rocking chairs are another modernized version of outdoor rocking chair. They have a stable base that remains stationary on the surface of the floor while the back and the seat of the chair move back and forth to provide you with a nice and relaxing experience. If you are looking for buying a rocking chair, it is recommended to go for the one with a footrest.