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Small bookcases ideas

You can spot a book lover by the book shelf in their homes. They are usually filled with books from top to bottom. For them, the purpose of their life is only one thing, to collect, store and read books. If you are a book worm, you would want to put your books on display and show them off to anyone who comes to your home. If you are looking for your very own personal book case for your room and you do not have much space then you should opt for a small bookcase.

Here are some ideas for small bookcases.

Recessed bookshelves

If you have very little room but desperately need a bookshelf then you can choose a recessed bookshelf. A recessed bookshelf fits inside the wall and will make your small space look a little roomier.

Mounted bookshelves

Mounted bookshelves can be mounted on the wall. They come in amazing and creative designs and various shapes. You can even design your own shape for your bookshelf. Look for the place where you want to place the shelf then choose the size accordingly.

Decorating the bookshelf

You can decorate the bookshelf to make it look more stylish. Adjust the books with different decorations like flowers or vases.

Leaving empty space

This is a very good tip for a small space. If you leave some empty space in the bookshelf it will give a clean and spacious look. Over cluttered bookshelves are hard to sort and they will make your room look congested.