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Interior door ideas to make your decor pop

Let’s say you have mastered the art of interior design with the perfect furniture, color schemes, artworks, light sources, accents, etc. You did everything right – how can you take your decor to the next level?

Look at the doors. Instead of working on the doors that are in every room in your home, design them to add value to your home and adequately appreciate the rest of your decor. Or if you don’t have a green thumb to decorate, this can be a scam. The appearance of a room can be completely changed by simply changing your interior doors. We have some great ideas to get you started:

Sliding glass doors

1 interior door ideas to pop your decor

Closet doors are often overlooked as a necessary part of a bedroom and nothing more. On the contrary, closet doors are the easiest way to brighten up a room! Try sliding or French glass doors in place of your standard folding doors. It’s a great way to add a sleek, modern style to any room.

This type of door also allows for a variety of styles. Any type of glass can be used, although most people prefer fogged or hazy glass to hide the contents of the closet and keep the space clean. You can also customize the design with full glass doors or sections or panels within a wooden door. You can also add details and designs to the glass for a personal touch. You have many options with this, just get creative! Sliding glass doors are perfect for bedrooms, hallways, or even kitchen pantries.

French doors

2 interior door ideas to make your decor burst

French doors are very popular for exterior applications such as opening onto porches and patios. You can create the same grandiose look in your home too. This is a great option for joining two smaller rooms together as it creates the feeling of a larger open space, especially if you are using clear glass. As you focus more on privacy, fogged glass allows light to flow well. Just like with the sliding glass doors, you can choose which combination of glass and wood (or any other material) you prefer.

Some additional designs, like the colored glass pane scan, really make it yours. If you have a winter garden, this is the door for you. You feel like you don’t have a door at all, but with the benefits of noise reduction and isolation. Used in an office or a cave door, it gives a sense of elegance.

Sliding doors

3-1 interior door ideas to pop your decor

Barn doors are a hot, hot, hot interior right now. They can be rustic farmhouse or sleek modern design. This solution combines the best of sliding doors and French doors. While they have similar functionality to sliding glass doors, they leave a nice wide opening without taking up the space that double doors would take up. These doors roll right onto the walls surrounding the door, leaving as much open space as any door.

This makes barn doors a great option for small spaces and can be a smaller door such as a door. B. make a cupboard or a bathroom door a classic eye-catcher. These doors are also very customizable. You determine the material, style, color and size. Use any type of glass or no glass at all. Straight lines and dark colors create a more contemporary look, while livelier wood styles convey a rustic and cozy feel. For example this mapped Interior doors from ETO Doors Combine a light cherry wood with minimalist fog glass and let’s be somewhere in between.

Custom doors: size, shape and color

4 interior door ideas that will make your decor pop

If you are looking for a unique design at the highest level, install a fully customized door that fits your home exactly. This can emphasize the unique facets of your home or emphasize the general theme or style. If you have a room with high ceilings, an exceptionally tall door will add to the size of the room and give it a luxurious feel while also saving space on the wall.

ETO Doors can adjust the size of each door to suit your needs, e.g. B. these towering double doors with wooden panels. A custom shape, e.g. B. an arched door can attract attention and give character to an otherwise simple door. For smaller projects, simply paint your doors an exotic color to create contrast and complement the color scheme of the room.