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Printed tiles as a new trend for decorating kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools

With the constant technological progress, more and more innovations shape the tile industry. For years, the market has seen a dramatic change in the manufacture and design of tiles. And over time, printed tiles are becoming increasingly popular. They come in handy when decorating your bathroom, kitchen or pool. Before we walk you through the new trend though, this is where you should try printed tiles.


If you’re looking forward to upgrading your interior design, you can’t go wrong with printed tiles. They are available in various designs that convey high-resolution impressions. So you can never make a choice.


Poorly designed tiles will break, meaning you will be forced to spend more. In the case of printed tiles, every piece goes through a first-class manufacturing process that gives it exceptional durability.

Moisture resistant

Bathrooms, swimming pools and kitchen floors are most likely to be affected by moisture. This can lead to breathing complications. Worse still, you can get skin infections or, in the case of a swimming pool, do costly repairs and maintenance. But printed tiles solve the problem. Once you’ve installed them, you can rest easy.


With digitally printed tiles, you have a number of different options where you want to install them. Whether it’s your kitchen, pool, or even your bathroom, you can add your preferred touch to any room.

Now that you know why you need to use digitally printed tiles, there are new trends in 2019 to be aware of.

Beach-themed printed tile murals

2-1 Printed tiles as a new trend for decorating kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools

Tile manufacturers have kept an eye on their customers and still left them spoiled for choice. While decorating the bathroom with tiled murals can sometimes be difficult, you can bring in the look you’ve ever wanted. Despite your preferences, using tile murals will brighten up your dull bathroom.

One of the trendy designs that has gained popularity is the ocean themed tile wall murals. They have a personalized theme that will put you in the mood to take a shower as soon as you walk into your bathroom. The tiles also have a high resolution, which introduces you and creates an appealing design.

The essence of the common combination of different species of fish and plants contributes to relaxation. This means that instead of getting the general marine-themed tiles, you get something more engaging. Even better; They give elegance and your real estate value.

To minimize the boredom, you can mix your marine-themed tiles with monochrome murals. One thing that makes tile murals ideal for your bathroom is their durability and light-free design. Once you have them installed, you no longer have to worry about fading or water damage.

To achieve a more personal look, you need to choose a design that you like. Any imaginable design can be made with printed tile murals.

Splash back tiles

3-1 Printed tiles as a new trend for decorating kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools

We all want to have that unique touch in our homes that we can’t get anywhere else. But sometimes figuring out how to decorate some rooms can be a big task. And you will agree that the kitchen is one of the rooms that can be easily confused. The hassle of removing stains from the walls is just out of this world. We can bet no one wants to go through all of this.

But as much as you want to make your life easier, you have to embrace the new trends. One of the trendy kitchen ideas to watch out for in 2019 are the kitchen tiles with a back wall.

Splashproof tiles prevent your kitchen from being damaged by moisture due to their water-repellent properties. Their stain resistance also makes maintenance of your cooking process easier. The tiles can be customized to different images and designs based on your preferences. Anything you can dream of can be printed

In addition to installing in your kitchen, printed splash guard tiles can be an excellent choice for your bathroom and any other room that needs maximum wall protection. If you have children and want to protect your walls from accidental spills, you can use the wall tiles for your living room.

However, before you can choose the tile design and color, you need to consider your AGA range. As you can see in the picture, the color of the stove goes perfectly with the back wall. If you can’t figure out what design and color to choose from for the best back wall tiles, please contact us Unique tiles for professional advice.

Wrap up

Printed tiles add a unique touch to your home that cannot be found anywhere else. The technology has gained popularity in the UK and is now taking over the world. Homeowners can have anything printed that gives them the freedom to personalize their homes and give them a luxurious touch. Companies can also take advantage of this trendy interior design. Regardless of whether you love wall paintings with beach motifs, picture tiles or splash protection tiles, there are no limits to your imagination.