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How to build a house to withstand a strong hurricane

Hurricanes are just a way of life in Miami. According to Wikipedia, “Florida was hit by more storms than any other state, and since 1851 only 18 seasons have passed without a hurricane. Hurricanes and cyclones cause over $ 191 billion in damage, with most of the damage attributable to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Irma in 2017. Due to the impact of hurricanes and other tropical businesses in the Miami area, residents are doing everything in their power to protect their homes from the effects of devastating hurricanes.

Can Older Homes Withstand the Effects of Hurricanes in the Miami Area?

After the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, many building codes were changed to improve homes’ ability to withstand hurricanes and other violent storms. In 2002, a new law stipulated that buildings in hurricane-hit areas must be constructed to withstand winds of 150 miles per hour by installing impact-resistant doors and windows.

In 2007 the requirements were changed again to accommodate new components such as shatterproof windows, stronger roofs and more stable concrete columns. Because these new building codes only apply to new builds near the coast, many buildings built before 1992 are still vulnerable to hurricane-level winds.

In this day and age, owners have to pay exponentially more to build a home with the highest levels of wind and storm protection. “Many home startups have stalled because building supplies are overloaded, often depleted – which delays construction – and increases costs,” said Ed Hudson, director of marketing research at Home Innovation Research Labs.

Homeowners who cannot afford to move or build a new home that meets current building codes must do what they can afford to better protect their homes. Fortunately, there are simple and affordable solutions that can provide great protection.

Prepare your home for hurricane season

Homeowners in the Miami area who are on the way of frequent hurricanes always look for products that will keep their homes as safe as possible when the heavy rain hits and the wind hits speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Many homeowners add roof straps that connect the roof of a house to the foundation. One of the best things you can do is equip your home with it Hurricane impact doors and window. Impact-resistant windows and doors for residential and commercial properties offer an additional level of security and ensure additional security.

Impact windows and doors not only offer hurricane protection, but also provide additional security, reduce noise and make roller shutters unnecessary.