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Proper cleaning after a renovation

It is very exciting to renovate a house. Especially when old architecture needs to be converted to more modern design. You are waiting for the day when you can finally see your home in a new state. After all, there is nothing better than finally seeing it in full. The best thing is that there are no more noises, constructors and you can finally use all the rooms again. You turn around and see that dust and wreckage from the construction are still on your floor, fan, walls and furniture. And you are unable to find a starting point for eliminating this mess.

Fortunately, there are several ways to remove all debris and dust quickly and efficiently. For example, you can hire a dumpster company to take care of all the wreckage and debris left over from the renovation. According to experts at is better to have a place where any broken pieces of wood, glass, or plastic can be disposed of than to try to put everything in a trash can and wait a week for a real truck. There are also several other tips you can follow to properly clean your house after a renovation:

Care for upholstered furniture and carpets

Despite all of the preventive measures you take to keep dust, dirt, and paint away from all furniture and precious carpets, some of these residues can sneak out. And although it doesn’t feel so harmful to have a bit of dust in the furniture, it can severely damage the upholstery in the long run. Articles made of carpets, upholstery and curtains can be soiled and damaged. In the long run, this damage can cause the materials to wear out faster. To prevent this, cleaning these materials with a good vacuum can make a significant contribution to removing all dust residues. It is important to take 5 minutes to thoroughly remove the dust. If some fabrics or accessories can be removed, it can also be helpful to take them out and wash them separately.

Clean the walls

You can start cleaning after renovation by starting from the dust particles trapped in walls, tiles or ceilings. While it may sound silly, walls can actually collect and collect dust. If you leave it alone, the air in your house can get dirty. The best way to get rid of the dust on the walls is to dust all surfaces dry. You can use a damp microfiber cloth, depending on what type of paint is used on the wall. If no oil paint is used, do not dampen the towel and only use the dry wipe or dust method. The next step is vacuuming decorative decorations on walls, doors or ceilings.

Clean and polished hard surfaces

After cleaning all furniture, ceilings, walls, doors and other home accessories, it is time to clean and polish all hard surfaces. First, wipe the hard surfaces wet from top to bottom. For bookshelves, worktops and other hard furniture, vacuum first, then wipe with a damp cleaning cloth and then polish the surfaces with a suitable polisher. This not only helps to remove all dirt residues, but also to make your furniture and doors look new. Don’t forget to clean and polish window sills, door handles and knobs. In some cases, especially in closed homes, dust can get into closed spaces such as bathrooms. You may also need to polish these rooms.

Pay attention to the ventilation system

During the renovation of the house, dust and dirt may have got into the ventilation ducts and ventilation slots. Even if you wipe the whole house completely clean, all efforts will be wasted as soon as you turn on the ventilation. This is because all dust particles trapped in the ventilation slots can escape in all rooms when switched on. Due to strong air currents, these particles can hide in your upholstered furniture, calendars or other home accessories.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to change the filters and clean the vents with soap and water once you’ve cleaned the rest of the house. This will contribute to care clean Air whenever you turn on the vents. Another thing you should make sure is to clean the filters and all removable parts with soap and water as well. Then let them dry completely before putting them back on. With this action, you can also prevent breathing problems in your family later.

Cleaning-washing-tidying-the-ilo-48889 Proper cleaning after a renovation

When renovating your home, remember that dust and dirt remains stuck to every corner of the house. If left alone, they can cause Breathing problems and skin irritation / rash on you or your family members. If you make sure that the house is completely cleaned and polished, not only will health problems be avoided, but your home will also look new. So that you can specify whenever you have guests. And if you follow these steps, you can make your home look new for many years.