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Refresh your interior for spring: restoration ideas for overlooked areas

Does your house feel … blah? Has it developed from nice and cozy to overused? Did you focus on areas that needed attention while entertaining guests for the holidays? We have different ways to beautify your home for spring.

1: Rejuvenate your fireplace

Spring in New England is still cool, so cozy evenings in front of your fireplace are far from over. If you currently have a dark brick fireplace, you should paint it a lighter color. You can also cover it with tiles, natural stone or stone veneer. To top it off, you can swap the mantelpiece shelf or the entire mantelpiece to match the material you chose for the rest of your fireplace.

2: Refresh your bathroom

A nice bathroom always feels luxurious, but you don’t have to completely reinvent the room to get the same feeling. Consider painting your vanity or replacing the sink, taps, and possibly your toilet. Painting on your walls can also enliven the room.

3: Update your kitchen

Your family and guests spend a lot of time in this central room of your home. The most visible way to remodel your kitchen is to overhaul the cabinets. You can replace them completely or have them painted in a new color or stain. Updating your countertop or sink can also change the overall look of your kitchen. If your floor looks a little worse due to wear, replacing it with vinyl that mimics tiles, wood, or stone is an economical option.

4: Give your stairs a facelift

Your staircase is used and abused a lot over time, so it could undoubtedly need some love. If your stairs have a carpet runner, you should remove it first and assess the condition of the wood underneath. Repair or replace any balusters that need attention, or Paint or color your banister. Then repair the stairs yourself or replace the runner.

5: Use additional space

Did your home feel cramped when overnight guests visited you this holiday season? If you have a room that is underutilized, you should use it for other purposes. Lofts are great as offices or bedrooms, and basements are great for family rooms and playrooms. It’s a great way to make better use of the available space and expand your home without the hassle and expense of renovating!

6: Replace your interior doors

If your doors open in years, you may not feel that they are not providing the privacy they are designed for. Old or warped doors can stick when closed and therefore never feel completely closed. And when time has worn out the door or frame, the space created exposes the space to the rest of the house. Replacing older doors and refreshing worn door frames will restore the separation they are supposed to create.

7: Modernize your lighting

All of these changes are hardly worth it if no one can see them! Installing a new lighting system is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change a room. In the kitchen, track lights can be installed under cabinets to illuminate worktops. Some rooms could benefit from a hanging lamp that used to have incandescent lamps, but for the most part new lamps and energy-efficient light bulbs are sufficient.

Take the “Bla” from the overlooked areas of your home this year with these simple, budget-friendly solutions. In the next holiday season you will be amazed!