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Selecting persian rugs

Persian rugs have different characteristics that make them preferable over other rugs. In addition, there are multiple of them in the market; you can make the best selection by first considering the general appearance of your house.

You have an option of selecting one of the following Persian rugs:

The Turkish Persian rug

This rug is hand knotted using natural wool and available in different colors like beige, green, blue, olive, pink among other colors moreover this rug can either be hand washed or machine washed. The advantage of buying this rug is that it can be used comfortably used in either a modern or traditional home décor.

Kurds Persian rugs

The knots of this rug are symmetric whereas the warps and wefts of this rug are made from either wool or cotton, the warps on this rug are usually white or brown in color and the wefts are either red or brown. The selvages are reinforced and also overcast an assurance that this rug will look perfect in any home décor.

Beluch Persian rug

the warps on the rug are white in color whereas the wefts are dark brown in color and they are made from  cotton, the knots are mainly asymmetric with a few openings on the right side; the selvages are made from brown hair and they are available in brown, blue and orange.

Village Persian rug

It is a round rug woven without any reconciled corners and plain color; ideally, these rugs can be easily identified by their stylized style and less elaborate floral patterns.