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Simple and Best Balcony Design Ideas For House

The last two years have really shown us that the spaces we live in, our homes, play an important role in our well-being. Since we had to spend most of our time indoors, we had to redesign these spaces to serve different functions – a space for working, studying, relaxing, cooking, entertaining and entertaining. While the initial focus was on creating functional and aesthetic work spaces at home, it soon moved to creating areas where we can relax or entertain. Small family gatherings and celebrations soon came home.

Here we took a look at our mostly neglected outdoor areas. We have realized how important our balconies, terraces or roofs can be, especially in urban apartments. The question was how to create the perfect balcony or terrace design. We introduce you to a variety of simple tips for balcony and terrace decoration that are suitable for different rooms. Get inspired and choose from our list of design tips to transform your outdoor spaces.

Design for a terrace garden
Regardless of size, plants are one of the easiest and most basic ways to revamp your patio or balcony design. There are many options when designing a balcony or creating a patio garden – from floor planters and planter stands to hanging pots, patio railing planters and wall-mounted beauties. When choosing planters, try to use a similar theme for all of them, such as terracotta clay pots of different shapes and sizes. UV-treated plastic pots work well, but we have a particular fondness for ceramic, concrete and clay pots, which add a charming rustic touch to the decor.

Another wonderful design for a patio garden is the use of planters or shelves; They are a great way to add different heights to the environment. If space allows, add elements such as planter boxes with gravel paths or beds. Small water features add another sensory layer to patio garden decor (these are also great for placing next to plants that love moisture). If you are considering growing real grass on the roof or patio, make sure it can withstand the load and provide proper drainage. Otherwise, consider artificial grass as an easier alternative.