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The best of Office furniture – L shaped Couch:

Furniture is one of the necessary accessories if you want to have a stylish and chic interior at your workplace or at home. However, the choice of furniture items largely depends on whether you want them for domestic purposes or commercial ones. Yes! The designs and types of furniture for homes are extremely different from those for offices.

If you want to have sofa set or couch for your office and the adjoining waiting area, there are plenty of options as there are chesterfield sofas with low back and extended seat size, simple bench like sofas with loose seat and back cushions and many others but there is a special style of office sofa set designed for the official purposes which is called the I shaped couch.

The mostly opted design for commercial use comes in the form of I shaped couch. Yes, as the name indicates, it is designed in the shape of the letter “I” and provides extra seating capacity especially in the waiting area. It not only looks stylish but is also practical. Since it is available only in one shape but the set may be custom made and you can rearrange the seats as they can be detached.

You can also experiment with the height of back according to the size of the waiting area of your office. As they come in different color shades, you can go for your favorite shade and material like leather or fabric as per the color scheme used in the rest of the interior of your office.