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Trundle Beds – The perfect solution for shortage of space

Trundle beds are types of beds that are built on rollers that can be made to go under another bed or piece of furniture. In simple words, it is a bed within another bed. The trundle beds are made using casters that enable the bed to move back and forth.

These types of beds are the best choice of bedding for a small space. It is also useful as guest beds that can be stored up and used when only needed. The trundle beds are also suitable for frequent sleepovers and best for smaller rooms.

Trundle beds can also be combined with daybeds and hence can be used to maximize the comfort and space. Families with small children can use trundle beds particularly in the kids’ rooms where it enables enough space for the kids to play when the bed is not in use in the daytime.

Colorful mattresses and covers can accessorize the trundle beds to make them look appealing and to suit the décor and look of the room. Trundle beds can also be used in your guest rooms when you need spare bedding options.

Trundle beds are provided with mattresses with different heights while some types can be unfolded and popped up to a height similar to that of a normal daybed mattress. You can also put two twin bed trundle bed mattresses together to make it equal to a king size bed. The trundle bed mattresses are also easy to carry and move from one place to another when needed.