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What are the best looking skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

Have you noticed how Los Angeles skyscrapers reach for the stars? Like city residents, Los Angeles buildings are aiming to reach new heights. The LA skyline is an important part of the city’s identity. The Los Angeles skyline can help people determine where they are in relation to downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles skyscrapers are a symbol of hope, power, community and trade. When residents see the beautiful LA skyline on the horizon, they know they are at home. For visitors, the City of Angels is easy to spot by the skyscrapers that dot the LA skyline.

The best part of a skyscraper is the ability to go upstairs and observe the beauty of the city from a large observation deck. Buildings in Los Angeles are no exception and offer visitors the opportunity to see the city from a new perspective.

Los Angeles skyscrapers are difficult to build. This is because the city is very close to the San Andreas fault line. Skyscrapers need to be carefully planned and built in the event of an earthquake. Even so, there are some skyscrapers in Los Angeles. These were built to strict standards.

The Braly building was considered the first Los Angels tower. It was completed in 1903.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic skyscrapers in Los Angeles and how they affect the city’s skyline.

Check out these Los Angeles skyscrapers

US Bank Tower

USBank Tower What are the best looking skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

This tower in Los Angeles is 310 meters high and offers a 360-degree view of the LA skyline. The building was completed in 1989. The observation deck opened in June 2016 after renovating floors 69 and 70. This is the only building in Los Angeles with a 360-degree observation deck. The deck is the highest open air deck in the state.

Visitors to this building in Los Angeles also have the opportunity to take part in the Skyslide. Visitors can enjoy an exhilarating ride in a 45-meter-long glass slide that has been created on the outside of the skyscraper. The slide was placed 1000 feet above street level, so it’s not for the faint of heart

Wilshire Grand Center

Wilshire Grand Center What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

This tower is the tallest skyscraper in LA and is made of steel and glass. This LA building is the tallest building in the United States, west of the Mississippi. It’s 73 stories tall, which isn’t the greatest number of any LA skyscraper, but each story has a great height.

The Wilshire Grand stands out in the Los Angeles skyline not only for its size, but also for its design. It uses classic elements like marble and glazed terracotta combined with modern materials like concrete and steel for a unique look. The building is owned by Korean Air and was designed in the shape of an airplane wing.

Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall What are the best looking skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

Until 1966, City Hall was the tallest building in Los Angeles that has stood out from the downtown LA skyline for over four decades.

This was because LA created an ordinance in 1905 that no building should exceed 150 feet. This gave LA a very inconspicuous skyline for many years. At 450 feet, City Hall was three times the height of the competition

Aon center

Aon-center-1 What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

The Aon Tower was completed in 1973 and is often considered one of the least valued skyscrapers in LA. This building in LA is not quite 50 years old, so it is just below the status of the old LA heritage, which is often viewed with nostalgia.

The building is on flattened Bunker Hill in the financial district. The building designed by Charles Luckman, a former partner of William Pereira, undoubtedly has an exquisite architectural design. When it was built, it was the tallest skyscraper in LA. All over the world it was only the skyscrapers in New York and Chicago that made competition. It has 62 stories and was the tallest building west of the Mississippi until 1982. It was the tallest of the skyscrapers in LA until it was defeated in height by the US Bank Tower in 1989.

Two California places

Two-California-Plaza What are the best looking skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

This 230 m high tower was built in downtown Los Angeles in the Bunker Hill District. It’s part of the California Plaza project and has a unique companion, One California Plaza.

The plaza has an amazing 1.5 acre water space and is also home to the Museum of Modern Art and the Colburn School of Performing Arts. The Omni Hotel is also part of the plaza.

Tower of the gas company

Gas Company Tower What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

At 228.3 m, the Gas Company Tower has a presence that enriches the LA skyline. This building has 52 floors and is located on the DTLA skyline. This LA Tower is located on Bunker Hill between Olive Street and Fifth Street. The South California Gas Company lives in this building. It’s also the home of Sidley Austin and Arent Fox

Bank of America Center (Los Angeles)

Bank of America Center Los Angeles Which Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

At 224.03 m, this LA Tower stands out from the skyline. Formerly known as Bank of America Plaza, the tower has 55 floors and was built in Bunker Hill in downtown LA. It is the 92nd tallest building in the United States. While it isn’t the tallest building in LA, it has been rated the highest.

When it was built in 1974, the building was unique in that each side represented true north, east, south and west. The building was occupied by Capital Group Companies, Security Pacific National Bank, and Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton.

777 tower

777 Tower What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

Also known as the Pelli Tower, this Los Angeles building is 221 m tall and has 52 levels. The tower was designed by César Pelli and is located in the financial district next to the 7+ Fig Shopping Center. It gives the DTLA skyline a wonderful presence.

It has a silver and glass exterior and a three-story marble lobby. The owner, Brookfield Office Properties, bought the building from Maguire Properties

Wells Fargo Tower

Wells-Fargo What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

The twin towers of the Wells Fargo Center complement the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles. The complex was built on Bunker Hill and has a north and south tower. The two buildings are connected by an atrium. The Wells Fargo building is 200 meters high and is the tallest building in the complex.

The Wells Fargo Center opened in 1983 and was nicknamed “The Cracker Tower” after the Cracker Bank in San Francisco. The Cracker Bank merged with Wells Fargo. The building has 54 floors and is ranked 7th among Los Angeles skyscrapers

Sun America Center

sunamerica What are the best looking skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

The Sun America Center was completed in 1990. It is located at a height of 163 m and was built in Century City. It is the third tallest tower in Century City and the 20th tallest among Los Angeles skyscrapers. Visitors can park in an attached 8-story parking garage. Jonson Fain designed this building in LA and won the BOMA International 2001/2002 Office Building Award for the Sun America Center.

TCW tower

TWCbuilding What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

The TCW Tower is with 157.58 m smaller than many skyscrapers in Los Angeles. It is currently the 19th tallest building in Los Angeles. Upon completion, it was awarded the ‘Outstanding Structural Design Award’ by the Tall Building Design Council. This LA Tower was completed in 1990 and designed by Albert C. Martin & Associates

The Bonaventure Hotel

wstinBonaventure What Are the Best Looking Skyscrapers in Los Angeles?

This LA tower was a futuristic building that opened in 1976. While it has its critics and some say its futuristic style is dated, the LA skyline is undoubtedly uniquely appealing. No other skyscraper in Los Angeles can compare!

The Bonaventure Hotel has a six-story atrium, glassy cylindrical elevators, and offers picturesque views of the city. The postmodern design is still a favorite with photographers and location scouts. Not everyone may understand its design, but there’s no denying that the hotel is visually appealing.

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