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A Glance at Primitive Décor

About primitive Decoration

Primitive decorating is a style of decorating the house that relates to the Americana time period and this type of interior décor is adopted by many people. Antiques and contemporary folk art is used in decorating the room. For a primitive décor special kinds of items are used. For instance, muted colors are used.

Whether it is furniture, bed sheets, curtains, chair covers or any sort of interior home furniture all should have a similar tone of color. The muted color tone gives a simple and rough look to the interior of your house. Decorating a primitive style includes true antiques and contemporary folk art. Primitive décor is termed as the folk-country style.

Elements of Primitive Decor

There are certain elements that are included in the primitive home décor. The characteristic element of primitive decor is the barn star. Moreover, primitive angles, primitive crows, primitive rag dolls saltbox houses, primitive dolls; primitive wooden signs willow trees and pottery. In primitive home décor, the furniture of the house is mainly focused. The furniture style of the mid-1700’s and early 1800’s is used by the people. During this time period, the style was adopted by the country farmers for their houses. There are many magazines that display and provide special primitive decorating.

Antique window frames are used to show a primitive decoration. For furniture, the barn stars are mainly used to show a primitive style of decoration. Interior design can be enhanced using the primitive décor for your house.