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A little something about the different types of kitchen floor

Kitchen floors are not generally given the attention and importance that they deserve. As long as they are intact and dustless, we never think about them. On contrary to this, having the right type of flooring in your kitchen is very important for a number of reasons. Good kitchen floors not only provide your kitchen a fine look but they also allow the walls and other fixtures of the kitchen to be safe from moisture. Properly sealed flooring makes sure that water or moisture does not get under the floor. There are different types of kitchen floor available in the market. The common types are discussed below.


Hardwood is a pretty traditional material that is used in the manufacturing of flooring. It is a very nice option to adopt for your kitchen but it requires to be well maintained and to be used with a lot of care. If you keep up with all these requirements, a hardwood floor ends up looking just about perfect. Otherwise it is not a well recommended choice.

Concrete and Slate

Concrete and slate floors are a brilliant option to provide your kitchen with a very different and elegant look. Especially if you have an industrial themed kitchen, this type of flooring is the right call for you. It looks great with matte finished tops and appliances made up of stainless steel. In addition to being beautiful, it also is very durable and resistant to any kind of damages.

Other types

Other types of kitchen floors include travertine tiles, laminate and linoleum. They have their own pros and cons and come in different pricing ranges.