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Bright Bohemian Bathroom Design Ideas

Want to see an original design? Looking for bright colors but good taste? Don’t hesitate to choose the bohemian style for your space! Original and colorful, it is ideal for those who love cheerful and juicy spaces. To make the bathroom unconventional, you should be careful not to overdo it with colors and textures. Just add some fancy tiles, a shower curtain, green plants and accessories – many of the things you can make yourself. Combine boho chic with a different style: rustic, romantic, feminine, minimalist or classic, because when you meet these styles, boho chic sparkles brighter. Check out the ideas below and enjoy!

boho bathroom
How can you bring the boho chic style into your bathroom? Start with tiles – prefer colorful or monochromatic Moroccan-style patterns – a bold wall or floor is enough for the desired effect. Place an ornate wooden screen for decoration or attach it to the window for privacy, hang ornate mirrors and Moroccan lanterns, and a clawfoot bathtub fits perfectly into the space. Rock vintage consoles and vanities, place lots of potted plants and greenery — they can’t be overpowering in a boho space. Complete the look with bright boho textiles: rugs, towels, curtains and upholstery.