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Discover Art deco Furniture

Art deco Furniture is not just another piece of furniture. It is one of the longest, most distinguished movements in the history of design. It gained so much popularity because it represented more than just art. In the post-World War I era of 1925, there was much optimism among the masses and the artists wanted that to reflect in their work. Thus, started the Art deco movement. Artists reflected their optimism through vivid colors and playful motifs, representing an avant garde way of thinking and making it one of the most recognized design movements.

Perhaps what makes Art deco Furniture so recognizable are the exotic materials and the bold colors, reminders of the high spirits of that era. Art deco Furniture is characterized by the use of exotic woods and materials like ebony and ivory. Prominent lines, whether straight or angular, are the most recognizable feature of this furniture.

The Art deco movement was revitalized in the 1960s and is popular even today. The use of new styles and the care-free attitude that the designs exude are the prime reasons for their popularity.

Furniture from the movement incorporated many types of materials, including wood, marble, metal, plastic, lacquer and even animal skin. The typical types of furniture made during the era include chairs with angular designs, large, lacquered wood cabinets, beds with oversized headboards and footboards and tables, particularly cocktail tables.

Art deco Furniture is now being classified as antique and is sought by collectors and art enthusiasts alike.