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Eye-catching details that will surprise your living room design

The living room is often the focal point of the house, considering that a lot of time is spent there, alone or with the rest of the family. Whenever we have guests, they are most likely sitting in the living room, which is why it is important to put some effort into making it nice and well designed. Well, there are many ways to do this, and there are no definitive rules for what should be done, but there are definitely things that should be avoided or at least used and done sparingly. So here are some tips and eye-catching details that will help you transform your living room design:

If you don’t know where to start, create a focus first

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The focus is the central space (or a detail) in the space that naturally attracts attention from the first moment. It can be a seating area, massive wall art or an elegant fireplace. You can also use wallpaper to make your living room more unique, or even better to find an empty corner (usually there are four in each room) and highlight them by adding plants or different types of framed photos and paintings. A focus will definitely add more personality to your living room, which is always a great thing.

Feel free to experiment with different colors

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Even if you prefer a clean and minimalist interior design, colors can certainly breathe a little life into your room. You don’t have to turn your living room into a maximalist and colorful place, but adding certain details here and there creates a very special atmosphere and your space appears more intimate and accessible. For those who really prefer neutral and pastel colors, just boldly painting a wall or adding brightly colored throwaway pillows is more than enough.

If you don’t know what to do, wall art is the answer

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Bare walls can look great, but adding wall art will surely improve your living room design. You can create a minimalist gallery wall or experiment with different frames and paintings. Combine classic paintings with artistic photographs and posters to create the special mashup of wildly interesting art. If you still prefer an appearance of order, make sure to add something that connects all of art, e.g. B. the same frame type.

Do not hesitate to invest in high quality and durable furniture

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Decorative items can certainly change or destroy the living room, but without the right furniture, everything is pretty pointless. There’s no point in having extravagant lamps and curtains if you don’t have a suitable place to sit, relax, and maybe take a quick nap. Some sofas are better than others. So if you have no idea what to choose, you should always focus on fully customizable sofas high quality leather lounge suits This offers you enough comfort and also makes your space look very elegant. To make your seating area look round, you can also treat yourself to a comfortable armchair or a charming coffee table.

Carpets will change your place in more ways than one

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A large carpet or laminate flooring is definitely a good choice, but adding one or two carpets gives your living room more color and personality. But in front of you Choose the carpetThere are certain factors to consider, such as size, color, pattern, and style. There is no use getting the carpet if it does not fit in your seating area. It is therefore important to measure something first. If you can’t choose a style, it’s best to choose a lively boho rug or a black and white rug with a contemporary pattern. When your living room and dining room are merging, the use of carpets can be an excellent way to visually separate the two rooms.

When in doubt, add some green

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Just because your plant died while you were at college doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give yourself a second chance and try growing some plants again. Yes, there are flowers and potted plants that require a lot more care, but then again there are some others that are both beautiful and very easy to care for. This is the best place to start, especially if you don’t have much experience in plant and flower care. In addition, some greens such as ferns, snake plants, peace lilies and bamboo can also improve the air quality and your personal well-being.

Before you decide to implement some of these tips, make sure they actually fit your living room so they don’t look out of place. If you don’t know what to do, contact a friend or relative who has more experience in home decor, or hire an interior designer so you can be sure that everything in your living room is properly placed.