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Geometric wall painting ideas

If you are bored with smooth and simple walls and don’t want to stick wallpaper, you can always paint them with geometric shapes. The room gains dynamism and if you get bored with this solution, you can always repaint everything.

The wall made of geometric shapes looks particularly beautiful in the children’s room and is very easy to design. You can separate different colors with stripes created when you put painter’s tape on the wall. Once you’ve painted the wall and the paint dries, remove the stripes and create spaces between the geometric shapes.

You can avoid spaces and connect different colors easily. Of course, painting would also be helpful (but please wait until the area where you want to apply the tape is completely dry).

Similar colors and shades look most beautiful and gentle. Contrasting colors can become boring more quickly and appear too bright, but that depends on your taste. It is also best to choose shapes that take up a larger area. In fact, you don’t need any artistic skills for this – you can get any broken shape.