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How to grow plants in water

It’s no secret that houseplants have become a staple of home decor, but there’s a new gardening trend that’s emerging fast: growing plants in water.

Growing plants in the water is soil free and low maintenance. Cat owners no longer have to worry about their cat scratching up the soil of their indoor plants. You only need to replace the water occasionally (instead of watering weekly) and by removing soil, your plants are less likely to contract pests or diseases. Additionally, this mess-free method of growing plants can help reduce allergens in your home.

Step 1: Identify a plant that can grow in water
Devil’s Ivy, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Jade Plant, Rubber Plant, Aloe Vera, Spider Plant and a Peace Lily will all grow in the water.
Step 2: Take a cutting from an existing plant
Take a good (but not large) cutting with only one or two leaves from an existing plant just below a node.
Step 3: Find a container for your plant
A glass vase with a thin neck (to hold the plant upright) or similar container works well.

Step 4: Find a place for it
A spot in your home with bright, indirect light is perfect. Try to find a slightly warm place where the temperature doesn’t change too often, so avoid places next to air conditioners or heaters.
Step 5: Wait for it to grow!
Change the water weekly for the first few months (or until roots appear). Tap water is good because it contains oxygen. Once roots have established, you can either transfer the cutting to soil or continue growing it in water, replacing the water monthly.