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Modern handrail designs that complement any staircase

Stairs are an integral part of most homes, offices, and almost all other buildings. But there is a huge difference between a functional staircase and one that looks really amazing.

Naturally, a stunning split staircase What rises from the center of the great hall and splits to either side of the upper floors will grab your attention and possibly take your breath away. But it just doesn’t look right with the wrong balustrades. That’s why it’s so important to have a modern handrail design that really highlights your stairs.

It should go without saying that you need a quality supplier of Sydney balustradesor wherever you live. This ensures that your banisters not only look good, but also last for years.


The traditional approach to handrails is wooden balustrades and tops, which can look right in a historic home. A glass balustrade and handrail are far more enticing, however.

Glass perfectly balances any staircase as it draws attention to the staircase rather than the balustrade. At the same time it lets in more light and creates a feeling of space

You can even have designs etched into the glass for a more unique look.


Another, but modern, approach is the use of metal. This can be bent into practically any shape and you can even have it finished in a variety of colors.

This means that you can create a unique balustrade and handrail that are tailored to your home. You decide which functions complement your staircase and both stand out for the right reasons.


This is a common approach for people on a budget or with a maritime theme in their home. It’s functional, simple, and surprisingly stylish.

You will also find that making your stairs look great is great as the focus is on the stairs, not the balustrade / handrail.


Although wood is a traditional material, it can be used to create a modern feel. The trick is how much wood you use and what color.

To create a modern feel that compliments your stairs, you need to go for your wood in a minimalist way. This means balustrades that are parallel to the stairs, not vertical.

This way you will maximize the light through the handrail and draw attention to the stairs. It’s also easy to add features that make it distinctive.


Perhaps the best solution is to mix these different materials. This will most likely give you a unique look that will make your staircase stand out while also suiting your budget and personal taste.

A good option is to use metal supports for a wooden style handrail. Since the metal supports are very strong, you minimize the need for wood and complement your stairs.

In short, the The more light you let through to the stairs, the better they will look.