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Reduce your energy costs by managing these 10 home appliances

We always want our home to be equipped with efficient and effective home appliances that either entertain us or simplify our daily tasks. On the contrary, although there are devices that operate with low energy consumption, there are also devices that increase your energy consumption.

In this article you will know the 10 most important household appliances that use the most energy in your household. You will also learn how to manage them to properly lower your monthly fees.

Top 10 home appliances that use the most energy in your home

Check the full list below and the estimated percentage of energy consumption. We also added simple management tips.

1.Heating – approx. 14-27%

Warming up your home is especially necessary during the winter season, but even if you program your thermostat accordingly, there is still a chance that your electricity bill will be high.

To save, you can open your windows and curtains in the morning to let the sun in and warm up your room. Close the windows at night as the warmth collected in the morning is enough to keep you warm. In addition, proper regulation of your thermostat should always be observed.

Compare electricity prices in Massachusetts if you live in areas of Boston and Springfield. Apart from this simple saving tip, there are pro tip offers that allow you to save up to 20% of your energy costs each year.

2. Cooling – 19%

Like space heaters, air conditioners use a significant amount of electrical power, especially during the warm summer season. Opening your windows and using your room fans for air distribution is an effective way to save.

A programmable thermostat is also an efficient saving factor. You can regulate the use of your air conditioning system per day by entering a specific schedule or time frame. Make sure that you fluctuate to an energy-saving level during your absence.

3.Water heater – 14%

However, using a water heater is very minimal not correct The use leads to high energy consumption. It’s a good tip to lower the temperature to 120 ° F and insulate the pipes outdoors to maintain the temperature.

4. Washer and dryer – 13%

A single machine acts as a washer and dryer. If it gets crowded, it has to work twice as it should. One way to reduce your energy consumption is to use the chilled water function to reduce performance. If you dry your clothes under the sun or in a snake, you save a lot of electricity.

5.Lights – 12%

A tip for saving energy in lighting is to buy Energy Star-certified LED lights. This is the most effective way to save energy since lighting plays an important role in a household. When you invest in LED light bulbs, you save 80-90% of the money because they last longer.

6.Refrigerator – 4-8%

A fridge has a temporary shelf. This means that it will be less efficient and use a lot of energy if it exceeds this specific time shelf. Use beyond the best years consumes a lot of energy. Buy a new refrigerator and look for an Energy Star certification. This means that you save more money and also protect the environment.

7. Electric oven – 3-4%

A simple saving tip for regulating energy consumption when using your oven is not to use every preparation on it. You can use your microwave as it has minimal consumption compared to an oven.

8. Dishwasher – 2%

According to old tradition, it is best to wash and dry the dishes manually. Dishwashers help us to clean the dishes immediately, but if you are not in a hurry you can enjoy a moment in your sink and wash the dishes in the old way.

9. Computer – 1%

Computers and laptops use the least energy. However, if they are left unattended and connected for long periods of time, this can inevitably lead to problems.

If you group your computer in a strip of energy, you save energy and time. Connect all your devices to the strip and easily control the switching on and off. You can also turn them off by unplugging the energy strip immediately.

10. TV and other accessories – 3%

Household owners use plug-in TVs all the time. Use a power strip to avoid this practice. Other accessories for your TV such as speakers, DVD players and others should be in a strip. With this setup it is very easy to turn it off immediately.

Bring away

We enjoy buying household appliances and household appliances, but we don’t have to constantly be bothered by expensive electricity bills. A little compromise and care in regulating their use will help you save a lot of money. And besides, you can be a little physical when doing household chores instead of relying on everything on machines.