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The best ideas for organizing a home office

Your home office is as important for work as the kitchen for eating and the bedroom for sleeping. Don’t underestimate the need for an organized home office. You either spend your entire working day there or just a few hours managing household documents. Organizing your home office is a must. Here are some useful tips for organizing a home office together so that you can avoid this stress in the future.

Now you have to realize that you have to organize such a place for work at home as you have one in your workplace. Here too, empty coffee cups, unnecessary sheets of paper and stacks of documents have to find their right place. Don’t wait for the day you need this exact document and you won’t be able to find it in all the chaos.

How to organize a home office in a clever way

Transform your desk from an impenetrable maze into a clean, friendly place. Forget the crowded drawers and lack of space with these easy-to-use tips and tricks. This makes working less stressful and more effective.

Use a lot of accessories

Heights-Residence-by-Kathryn-J.-LeMaster-Art-n-Design The best ideas for organizing a home office
Image source: Kathryn J. LeMaster Art & Design

Think of it this way: once you’ve organized your desk, you don’t have to do much to organize a home office. The desk is the core of the office in which you work. That is why you get an organization when you first organize it sense of relief. How does it work? The answer is the desk accessories. When buying, think not only about how they will look in your office, but also how you will use them.

Create more space when organizing the home office

Spacious-Office-by-Lauren-Nicole-Designs The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Lauren Nicole Designs

If your desk is not enough to store all of your things, there is a practical and convenient solution to this problem. You can hang a shelf over the desk. It is the right place for the sheets you will need later, for books or motivational pictures and frames. Change it on and on. Be creative!

Get rid of the piles

Manhattan-5th-Avenue-Apartment-by-Britt-Newman-Design-Concepts-LLC The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Britt Newman Design Concepts LLC

We know that perhaps the biggest struggle is getting rid of the number of sheets of paper on your desk, and not just that. However, use the “rule of three” to solve this problem. There is only one possible action for each sheet of paper: Throwing away, saving or taking measures. There is no “leave it for later”. Make the process funnier by adding color coding.

Consider buying a filing cabinet

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No longer save your documents on the desk. It is not only uncomfortable, but also unsafe. If your office is large enough and you have an additional budget, buy a filing cabinet.

It hides any additional sheets that you cannot find a place for, while protecting those that are important. There are also cabinets with a reliable locking system. Additional protection is always welcome.

Share your desk

Two-Tone-Office-by-transFORM-Home The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: transFORM Home

You should divide your desk into different areas. Dedicate a page to accessories such as the lamp or pencil cup. It doesn’t help to spread them over the entire surface. Aside from that and the area your desktop occupies, there should also be an empty space for writing.

Cross out the odd (or more)

Cole Street by Rossington Architecture The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Rossington architecture

Every organizational process begins with throwing away at least three things that just don’t belong in that place. This should be done with the old pen, last year’s magazines and old newspapers from your office. What about this empty cup? Place it directly in the sink, not on the desk.

And these are just a few examples. There can be more than three things you need to get rid of. This will make your work radically easier.

Organize the folders by color

Bright-Green-Office-by-Jennifer-Rambling-Renovators The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

The color coding is not childish. On the contrary, it is very efficient. Here are some suggestions on how to color-code your folders and sheets so you don’t have to search for that one file for long. Choose a blue folder for family ID documents, a yellow one for household finance issues, and a red one for pet documents.

Also take some time to tag each file. You will be grateful that you did this when you find out how much time you are saving on the search.

Serious matters require serious action

Whistler-Chalet-by-Lee-Luxford ad The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Lee Luxford a + d

Do you have to do something by the end of the week and can’t get together? No panic. We have the solution. All you need is a big box.

Look at your desk. There are certainly many things that you do not need for this urgent job and that will distract you. So the first step is to put everything you don’t use for this specific task in the box. Do not place the box nearby, but keep it somewhere around you so that it remains accessible.

Now you can start working. Although you would say that there is not that much of a difference, you will find that you can concentrate better on the urgent problems.

Since the box is always close to you, you can use the articles contained in it at any time if necessary. The copy holder, which you hardly use, no longer occupies an important place on your desk.

No duplicates on your desk

office-by-Aesthetic-Outburst The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Aesthetic outburst

This is possibly the simplest rule from this list. Do not save the old items if you have already bought a new replacement for them. It works with the desk as well as with the closet. If you have a new coat, you will get rid of the old one.

Solve the cable fight

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We know that one of the biggest problems when organizing a home office is not having so many cables in the entire office. It’s a real challenge not to trip over it every time you enter the room or leave the desk. Apart from this low risk, they make the location unsafe in an emergency. Not to mention how disorganized the office looks when cables are everywhere.

You can switch to wireless connections for your mouse, keyboard, or speakers, or just throw away electronics that you don’t need while you work. With the advancement of technology, you can also use a single USB cable for more devices. This is a great help in troubleshooting the office.

Also label the cables. So you know from the start which one to follow to get the phone charger or printer cable. Be creative, make it cute and it will add some color to your office too.

Don’t forget the walls

The-Greenwich-by-Collins-Design-Build-Inc The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: Collins Design Build, Inc.

Change your perspective on the available space in your office. Try going vertical and you will find so many options. Apart from the shelves that we have already talked about, there is always the possibility to hang some plans, pictures or tables on the wall.

This not only helps you save space on your desk, but also makes it easier for you to search through all available materials.

Share your drawers

Clerkenwell-House-Home-Office-Living-Room-from-YAM-Studios The best ideas for organizing a home officeImage source: YAM Studios

Various office items should also have their own areas in the drawers. Use some cardboard to separate the sections inside and give the pens, sticky notes, and memory sticks a separate compartment.

Final thoughts on organizing a home office

If you already have a lot of tasks to do, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in the cleaning process and lose valuable time. That’s why you need to make it a habit to keep your office clean. Think of the old adage that we agree with: “orderly office, orderly spirit”.

A clean office from the outside means a calm and desperate soul from the inside. There is no better time to start cleaning than NOW. Just look at everything and things that are not in their place will show up. Once you’ve taken the first step, half of the work is done.

On the other hand, try to find a balance between organization and accessibility. You don’t want to be the over-organized person who creates a folder for every sheet of paper and a divider for every item. This is too much. You not only lose valuable time, but also a lot of space.

When organizing your home office, don’t forget to save things that inspire you. Different frames with motivating quotes, family pictures or nature views can breathe life into the workplace. This increases your productivity and ensures that you feel comfortable in your organized home office.

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