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The Various Types of Bunk Beds

One can choose from a widespread variety of bunk beds available in the market, whatever your budget is. Bunk beds are easy and comfortable bedding solutions for children and also fulfill the space requirements in your bedroom. Modern bunk beds are available in different designs and materials that are sturdy and made to last long.

There are different types of bunk bed models that are affordable and well within your budget range:

Twin over Twin bunk bed: this type of bunk bed features two twin beds that sit on top of the other. Most people choose this type of classic bunk beds.

Full over Full bunk bed: this is one type of bunk bed that is suitable for children who share a large bedroom. This provides more comfort as they grow bigger.

Futon Bunk Bed: in this type of bunk bed, a futon is placed on the bottom and a classic bunk bed on the top. This enables the kids to relax, read and also do crafts while conserving the space also.

Natural Maple bunk beds: These maples colored bunk beds are very attractive in appearance and also sturdy and long lasting. This would go easily with bedrooms with brighter shades on walls and décor.

White colored bunk Beds: this bunk bed blends easily with any type of décor that you have in your bedroom. It also enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

Antique Walnut bunk beds: this has been popular since tradition and also lasts for longer time as they are made of durable antique walnut.  They are the perfect choice for your children’s bedroom in all aspects like design, strength and functionality.