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Why paver driveways are the new trend this year

If you’re renewing your driveway, you’re probably wondering which material is most suitable. Usually concrete and asphalt are the obvious choices. However, as more and more homeowners get smarter about their home investments, they want to make sure they are spending money on a material that will last a long time, be easy to repair and maintain, and can be machined with various designs and patterns.

Asphalt and concrete can get boring with their monotonous color. These can withstand stubborn stains that are sometimes impossible to clean. They can be cracked easily and are not as durable as most people believe. Because of this, many homeowners are opting for a more durable, less expensive option, such as Driveways for pavers.

And as it turns out, driveways for pavers have become a trend this year. Here are the reasons why:


Paver entrances come in a variety of options, regardless of whether it is material, color, or shape. Each of them have their own characteristics and it is easy to find one that suits the look of your home and your personal preferences.

  • Natural stone – In terms of durability, natural stone is always the best choice. They will certainly take a long time. However, you have to pay the price as these stones have to be mined, transported and installed before they get to your driveway. Some of the best options for natural stone paving are limestone, granite, bluestone, and slate.
  • Brick – Paving stones give your driveway a natural and charming look. Although there are fewer options and are not as strong as natural stones, brick paving stones have an aesthetic appeal that appeals to many homeowners.
  • Concrete – Concrete pavers are typically cheaper than bricks and natural stones, but they come in a variety of styles and designs. You can even mimic the look of brick and natural stone. However, you want to make sure that you are getting high quality concrete paving slabs as it’s easy to find cheap paving slabs that are prone to chipping and cracking.

In addition, you can opt for different shapes and sizes of pavers. Standard shapes include squares and rectangles, but you can also find irregularly shaped stone slabs. Pavers also come in several sizes, but opt ​​for those at least three inches thick, as they are best suited for the weight of household vehicles.

Pavers are also flexible in that you can create different designs and patterns with different shapes and sizes. Common patterns include basket weave and herringbone. However, with the help of your trusted contractor, you can also find other options.


Another reason road driveways are so popular is permeability. Since the driveway takes up a large portion of the residential property, it is important to use a permeable material to prevent water from flowing onto the surface and entering rainwater drainage. Paver driveways are made of porous, permeable material that allows water to flow around them and then be absorbed by the ground. Consequently, such paving stones help feed vegetation and reduce the smoothness of the driveway surface during the winter season.


In terms of durability, it is wrong to believe that concrete is the only permanent material that is suitable for driveways. With a service life of around 25 years, paver drives last much longer than concrete. Pavers are also designed to support the weight of the vehicle and adapt to the changing seasons. While concrete tends to flake and crack under pressure, road driveways are a cost-effective option because they have a long lifespan and remain stable for a very long time.

Low maintenance

Proper installation of driveways for pavers will prevent weeds from growing under them much easier to maintain. In addition, high-quality paving stones are more resistant to de-icing salt in winter. Pavers don’t need to be sealed either, which makes the material look shiny. If a paver is damaged, it is easier to remove the affected paver and replace it, or turn it over and put it back in place. Concrete and asphalt driveways are more carefully maintained, and there is almost always a trace of visible repair on them.


In addition to the quality of the material, the secret to the successful installation of driveways for pavers is the quality of the installation. You and your contractor must create a solid base on which to lay the paving stones. It is equally important to choose a contractor who has the expertise and experience to work with driveways so that you get the best value for money.