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Yawning Longing – A Sleepy Guide to More Restful Sleep

Sleep is something we all need more of. It regulates our behavior and has the power to make a good day better and a bad day even worse. So how is it that we know the value of sleep but keep falling into bad habits and not placing what’s high on our priority? You may not have thought too much about sleep and how to optimize your routine. For more information, see our guide to getting more restful sleep.

Your mattress plays an important role

When did you buy your mattress and what criteria did you use to buy it? So many Australians purchase mattresses without thinking about finding out more about the design or how it can help them sleep and rest.

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Nicklor mattresses online Understand that a lot goes into creating a comfortable night’s sleep. Take a look at the condition of your mattress and determine how important rest is for you. If you want to be more productive and body-friendly, then researching what type of mattress to sleep on and what your dreams might be like is worth doing research.

Keep things regular

Your body will naturally want to keep a rhythm; We start out like this as babies and it never changes. Things like jet lag affect us so much because your body doesn’t understand how this change happened and why you’re not awake or sleeping when you should.

Your body clock is very accurate. Sleep therapists have proven that you feel refreshed a lot when you do stick to a rigid sleep routine at the same time every night compared to the same number of hours earlier or later. Routine sleep also plays a role in mental health, which is another reason to make it a priority.

Control your light

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You may be so used to your living conditions that you haven’t thought of external factors that could rob you of a good night’s sleep. This is not just about the natural light falling through the windows. Your melatonin (which makes us sleepy) is excreted at night. So try to maximize your time in sunlight during the day and minimize the light at night.

Go outside for lunch, coffee, or commuting as often as possible during the day so your body knows it’s not bedtime. Then when the night comes Reduce screen time, TV and bright lights. With these light exposures, falling asleep takes longer. So take it during the day and avoid it at night.

Exercise yourself physically

No, this is not a lecture. But exercise should play a role in your life. Nobody needs to be sold about the benefits of physical activity. Aside from health and weight, physical activity can guarantee you a firmer sleep and refresh you longer during the day. Exercise isn’t just running, it can be anything that increases your heart rate for 15 minutes or more. Find a fitness style that suits you and your lifestyle and start incorporating it into your daily routine and take advantage of the dreamy rewards.


You spend a large part of your life sleeping, so it only makes sense that you become an expert at this. Before making big changes, write down your current sleep state so you can see what needs to be changed and keep track of how it is happening.