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5 tips for decorating an apartment

Downsizing an apartment from a larger house can certainly present some challenges. Many people who are used to having a large home find it difficult to adapt to a two bedroom condo. However, with a clever decoration, even the smallest house can become really impressive. Here are five great tips in this regard:

  1. Make sure everything is well planned

Small spaces can be difficult, although they do offer some fairly significant lifestyle benefits. Before decorating a room, it is really important to plan everything as thoroughly as you can before lifting a finger to redecorate it.

The important goal is to make the apartment appear larger. One area that many of these types of homes are lacking is storage space. During the planning phase, it is important to use the space well and to invest in fittings that are naturally space-saving. This way, it is possible to plan a house that feels very spacious, although the space itself may not be huge.

After all, planning is going to be really important before making any changes to a home. Careful planning in advance can also create a more realistic budget.

  1. Use seasonal pops the color

There is nothing quite like an interior that matches the colors of the season. In summer, for example, everything revolves around bright colors. One way to decorate a flat is to use pops and pops of color wisely.

Use throws and pillows to brighten rooms in neutral colors instead of throwing big, bold colors everywhere. Candles can also make a nice statement. Using a single pop of color in such a room can have a much bigger impact than using lots of color everywhere.

  1. Is monochrome the way to go

A modern statement can be made by using monochromatic colors to decorate functional rooms. Don’t be afraid to use black sparingly, mix it with shades of gray as well. This state-of-the-art color scheme can also highlight the pops of color mentioned above and can be both dramatic and soothing.

Painting the ceilings black will make the room feel bigger. This is exactly the impression required in an apartment that is limited in space but has a lot of character. Also, add full wall mirrors just behind the main bed to make sure the entire room stays lit with natural light coming in through the windows.

  1. The challenge of a small bathroom

Many condos have small bathrooms, so space for things like makeup and other accessories and essentials is often scarce. One way to combat this problem is to add an extra bathroom area outside of the bathroom.

Instead of keeping all of your daily essentials like makeup in the bathroom and cluttering the space, it may be better to create a vanity table just outside the bathroom. The ideal space for this is a master bedroom connected to a small bathroom. Small tables and mirrors are reasonably priced, and putting a dressing table outside of the bathroom frees up space.

  1. Use shelves

One way to save space in an apartment where there isn’t much available is to use wall shelves. This is better than using bookshelves and other cabinets as it saves space. These days hardware stores have many types of shelves of many different sizes. Hence, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that will suit your condo. Make a statement by adding chrome, white, or black shelves on a black wall!