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6 things that create coziness

Have you dreamed of spending your long winter evenings in a warm, cozy living room? Do you have your own place but are not sure where to start creating it? At home? With this article we would like to give you some suggestions on how you can make your house more cozy and pleasant.

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Lights, lights and more lights

Lights are especially helpful in creating comfort in long, dark winter months, when the days are short and it is easy to feel somber. Choose lamps with soft, warm light so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed, preferably lamps in the shape of a globe that cast a diffuse light through the room. This is the choice to create a warm, cozy and even lazy atmosphere for a quiet evening after a long day. Birch and other light wood included in the lamp design also contribute to the result. Table and side lights are also more suitable to create a feeling of cosiness. So leave ceiling and light strips for your daily life. To have everything in one, you can opt for dimmable lights.

Soft and fluffy accessories

Nothing screams cozy as much as soft pillows, fluffy blankets, beautiful carpets and beautiful throws. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild with furniture, and it will always be cozy to stay inside and sink into softness. Stack the pillows on the couch or even invest in some floor pillows to sit on. Of course, it is best if everything fits and the view is pleasant, but do not opt ​​for single-color fabrics without a pattern. Opt for colorful additions, different materials, textures and patterns to really feel surrounded by this soft cosiness. Then blankets and throws should not only be there as decoration. Make sure they’re soft enough that you want to wrap them around yourself.

Go green

Plants can do a lot when it comes to feeling cozy, especially in winter when nature is asleep and your landscape is anything but green. To bring even more from the outside in, you should mix your plants with wood accents. Experiment with plants and flowers to get your own mini jungle. Make sure you have the right conditions for them; For example, if your home isn’t very sunny, don’t buy plants that need sunlight to thrive, and instead focus on those that can be content in the shade, like monsters or succulents. If you are hopeless with plants and always kill even the most stubborn, do not hesitate to choose fake ones. Nowadays it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference and you do not have to worry about watering.

Candles around you

Candles cast a radiant, warm, very delicate light that can change any room. In addition, they can give your interior a pleasant fragrance and contribute significantly to the final effect of soft comfort. Don’t be afraid to have them everywhere, not only on your dining table, but also on a kitchen table, a kitchen counter, a bedside table and much more. Remember to blow them out when you leave your house or go to sleep.

Cozy fragrance

Yes, there is something like a cozy fragrance, although what it is exactly can be different for different people. Aside from scented candles, you can use a scent diffuser or room spray to control how your house smells. The scent is entirely up to you, but for a cozy effect, we may recommend light woody scents to blend in with nature, or something sweet, even exotic, to make you feel like you are in a warm country in the distance. Also, lavender is known for its relaxing properties.

Do it yourself

If you want to feel good and relaxed in your cozy environment, make sure that it really does yours, and you feel 100% at home; There is no other way to make your home a real home. Do everything personally. Family souvenirs, your favorite photos, a drawing of your little niece, postcards, gifts, your beloved books; Even if you’re a fan of minimalist designs, don’t give up on these decorations entirely. Items that tell a story make you feel better.

Many different factors contribute to the effect of cosiness, but the most important thing is that everything is exactly how you like it. Don’t compromise just because someone says it would be better or something else is more fashionable now. If you don’t like it, you will think about changes sooner or later anyway, so it will just be a waste of your money.