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Bathroom interior design trends 2019

You will likely spend some time in your bathroom each day. For many people, this part of their home should be one of the most relaxing and comfortable. Because of this, you should always spend time designing and equipping this space to make it as cool and stylish as possible. However, check out these bathroom interior design trends for 2019:

Rectangular cosmetic mirror with a round corner

The large, rounded mirror may have had its time in recent years, but 2019 is the year for the soft linear cosmetic mirror. While the round mirror is very large, a rounded rectangular mirror is much more compact.

Wall toilets

This toilet design looks very modern and has fewer places to collect dust so it is easier to clean. And although this design has been available for some time, it has only recently been seen in modern homes. AHM installations You can try more state-of-the-art toilet and bathroom designs.

Floating vanities

These vanities have been around for a while, but until this year they have never been a hit. With the many options you now have, you can easily find one that will look pretty in your bathroom. Wooden washbasins, for example, look seamless and cozy, which is what the trends of 2019 are all about – clean and seamless.

Console sink vanities

While this is not a very practical choice for the main bathroom, it can instantly add beauty to your bathroom. It’s a stylish way to add some intricate details to the bathroom with a leg design while still feeling light and open. This vanity design is a modern take on a traditional style that expands its timeless potential. What makes modern designs like this one special is the availability in different materials so you are likely to find one that suits your taste.

Damless shower

Damless showers are so open, clean, seamless, and pretty. If your bathroom style is more traditional, the dam option is ideal for you. However, if you prefer a more modern bathroom look, consider this option. While this design is effortlessly elegant, the construction should be considered. With this design, the shower base must fall into a linear drain. This is the only way to prevent water from entering the main part of your bathroom. Or you can have a wider shower that allows you to use a center drain.

Shower glass housing reaching from floor to ceiling

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom and want to include the look of a clean and stylish drama, adding floor-to-ceiling shower glass cladding is highly recommended. With this design, expect the bathroom to look large, seamless, and very personal.

Side-mounted taps

This faucet option saves a lot of space and is best for small spaces with thin sinks.

Long thin tiles

This style came on the market in late 2018, but is gaining full attention this year. Long, thin tiles look very good in any bathroom. It is also widely used in tile stacking or in regular configurations.

Polished nickel

Polished nickel is loved for its warmer tone, which makes it gentler than chrome. It is believed to be the higher quality metal in the silver family, which makes it preferred by many. You can still use brass of course, but with the darker marble trend lately, polished nickel fittings seem to blend in better. Brass, on the other hand, is a stronger and more colorful option.

Use a neutral palette

Everyone loves a timeless looking bathroom and there are always new design trends that would look great in the coming years. Try to use a monochromatic element throughout the room to make the bathroom look modern. For example, you can use a material or color like a marble tile or the color gray to make it look unique.

Bold and black bathrooms

Nowadays bathrooms are all about dark, bold, and sultry bathroom designs that create a relaxing experience.

Use of open concept designs

Homeowners are creating a modern look by incorporating open designs into their bathrooms. Using privacy glasses is important, but showering outdoors just feels great.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking of renovating your home, consider simple designs that will make a good impression. Before you start working on your designs, you should also consider the places where you spend the most time. While your bathroom is more of a functional space, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with its design. Use the latest trends for Interior of the bathroom can be helpful to create the relaxing and personalized bathroom you will love.