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Best Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Kitchen island tables have become a trend. Nothing is strange. Adding storage, style, and extra places for sitting, an island table is a must-have in every kitchen. Check out this article to find out the ways to use this table in your design.


Creating a diner feel, this table provides us with a great possibility to spend long weekend breakfasts sitting together. However, it requires a lot of space. It looks as a portable table with several stools.

Eat-in bars

This type of kitchen island tables is characterized by a difference in the heights of the work space and the eating area. Use bar-height stools to complete the look. Eat-in bars are perfect for home parties. These tables allow you to separate the room into several zones. Besides, they provide you with additional storage for dishes.


Usually, kitchen island tables are rectangular. They function as the part of the eating area. If you want, you may use square and round table. Don’t hesitate to combine different colors and styles. If needed, you may choose the color and materials that are different from those of the kitchen furniture. Focus on adding interesting design. Make sure not to add too much details. Let the atmosphere be simple and cozy.

Kitchen island tables are the perfect option for big kitchens. They function as a place for eating, cooking, doing homework, studying, etc. Trying to choose the best island table for your kitchen, focus on the quality and style.