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Gorgeous Above Door Storage Ideas

Do you think your apartment is running out of storage space? Think about it again – and look up. You probably have at least one door in your home with a little extra space above it, right? Now’s your chance to turn it into something useful – maybe it’ll be your new mini-library, maybe you’ll turn it into a garden, or maybe you’ll use it to store towels in your tiny bathroom.

Store and display additional books
If you have extra books stacked around and nowhere to put them, use a doorway like Desire to Inspire in the photo above. Whether your shelf can span just the top of the door or an entire wall, it will keep your books out of the way (and on display!).

Grow an over-the-door garden
Think you don’t have room to work on your green thumb? Think again: with a shelf, the space above your door could become the perfect indoor garden. IKEA suggests using shelves that match the color of your walls and hanging vines and vines to frame the door frame.