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How to chair for bad backs

Office Chairs for Bad Back: Most of us spend much more time on desk and chairs for long period of time. Life in chairs can be hazardous to our life especially if day in day out we are sitting on bad chairs. Some office chairs for bad back are cheaply made though they are adjustable but they are not the best for our posture. It’s good to know those cheap chairs are not meant to be durable as they can easily break down faster.

The foam section that is the back and the seating area are most affected as the foam will degrade because it will dry out and also it will flatten by the weight suppressed to it and it will not recover easily. The backrest, armrest and height which are mostly adjustable sometime they will not work smoothly as expected. Due to this such chairs will create back pain and stiffness to the one using the chairs.

How to know that you have a bad posture on your office chair for bad back: Lack of movement, stagnant position is the worst position especially when working for a long period of time. Always try to make some movement to your body even when you are seated down to avoid stiffness.

Slouching, it is very necessary to always pay attention to your body whether when walking, sitting on your chair or standing. Make sure that your spine has a well rounded S shape at all times. For better health your legs should not hung down as it will strain your head too leading to pressure on your spine thus causing a lot of tension to your body structure

Tips to note when seated: Never sit with crossed legs as it strains your spine. Always ensure your knees are placed squarely for better sitting position.

Never seat on a too low seat or make your feet dangle as it makes to sink in  the seat making your pelvis tuck backward and thus curving of the spine while for dangling feet your feet hang will lead to gravity pulling up your feet near the ground this tilts your pelvis backward and throws your equilibrium.