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How to office chair ergonomic

Everywhere in life one must use chair in one way or another, some people use it for a longer period while others spend few minutes on a chair. It is important to know that our sitting position can add stress to the structure in the spine hence it’s good to have office chair ergonomic to avoid developing health problems. Ergonomic chair helps in supporting the lower back and evokes good posture. Whether you are standing or walking effort is required especially to the lumbar area. Always purchase a well designed chair which will allow one to sit in a balanced position.

Feature to look for when purchasing for office chair ergonomic

Seat material, padded chairs are the best as they give maximum comfort ability when sited for a long time. Material of the seat will also determine the durability of the chair. Good quality of material will last long and others increase the beauty of an office as furniture is the only things found in an office. Fabric cloth material is preferred to the harder surface as it breathes.

Stability, most office chairs have five base supports at the bottom this is because it’s the best and it mostly gives stability to the chairs. These chairs are the most recommended office chairs in any office.

Armrest and backrest

Armrest and backrest, in the market today one can find many office chairs with different design. Armrest helps in providing support to the hands and also help one when standing up. Backrest should be adjustable in both the backward and forward directions to prevent it from going too far backwards or forward. A good seat is able to support the natural curve of the spine.

Seat height, width and depth, the width and depth should be enough to support the user and to make him more comfortable. Seat height should be easily adjustable to anyone using the seat.


Some office chair are not suitable for every activity this means that in every office there is a chair for every activity like a dentist chair will be different from a computer operator chair.