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Porch roof ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)

In most houses, the canopy was always made in the back or front garden. They will never go out of style because they are very useful and as any outdoor space can be an extended part of your living room or why not a screened way to experience the great outdoors.

Having your own canopy can be a simple or complex task. It depends on some decisions you will make, such as the type of roof, the deck and so on. In this post we will understand all of the technical aspects of building a canopy along with simple steps that are easy to follow and can be applied to many of your canopy ideas.

Take these into account before you begin

por4 canopy ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Baskam construction services

The first thing you need to do is make sure your porch is level if you don’t need to make any adjustments until you can start working on the roof. Determine both the slope and the course of the roof of your home, as the porch must be the same.

por1 canopy ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Witt construction

Another important step in your canopy ideas is to make sure that you are not doing any harm to your own home while building the structure. Make sure the porch and house work together without weighing down your roof as it needs to be strong.

por5 porch roof ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Anna Berglin design

It’s a good idea to invest some time when creating your porch roof designs and plans. Check all the details and make sure all sizes are measured correctly. Your roof additive strongly depends on what you really want to preserve and how you use the new covered space around your house.

por7 canopy ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)Image source: P2 design

Also think about the electrical requirements for lights and so on. Check exactly what you need from this point of view. When choosing your canopy styles you could choose from, indicate the budget for everyone. Maybe you are on a tight budget or on a certain amount.

por10 porch roof ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: REFINED LLC

The legal aspect is also something that you need to check. Depending on where you live, different permissions sometimes have to be granted. So be sure to check this out before you start building. You don’t want to waste time doing this later.

Veranda roof ideas and types

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the type of canopy you want to go for. There are many configurations that can be done and here are some to review.

Gable roof

por2 canopy ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Sicora design / build

One of the most common canopies is called a gable roof. The gable roof is a triangular roof that is great for different types of houses. The sides are inclined on a certain slope to shed snow or water.

Shed style canopy

por6 porch roof ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Build terracotta design
These types of canopy ideas don’t really work for every home. This is because the roof is attached to the house and has a unique slope over the porch. It works well for narrow but not deep porches.

por8 canopy ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Battle Associates, Architects

It only has a sloping roof surface that leads to the house wall. It’s more common for long and narrow porches and it looks really fine. The design is pretty flat so it compliments the design of the house and may just work as a solution in the end.

Hip porch roof

por3 veranda roof ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Brooks Ballard

Check out these types of porch roof ideas because they look really great. They are certainly more complex, but they offer an advantage. They are solid, compact and make the structure resistant to time. This canopy has been designed to blend in well with the rest of the house. It has roof walls that slope down the walls, and it is equally angled.

The slope is quite soft and you won’t find any gables. The shape of the roof resembles a pyramid that is usually seen in ranch-style houses.

It also extends beyond the wall of your house, creating an interesting visual effect. Do it if you think it fits the canopy ideas you may have had.

Some useful tips and ideas

por9 porch roof ideas (pictures, costs and tips for building one)
Image source: Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Making your own canopy can be tricky, but a few tips can get the job done well. You need to prepare and do the planning well. Before building a canopy, there are a few things to consider

– The choice of the type of material that you need to use for your canopy can be determined by checking the unit height of your roof

– Remove moisture from the roof cavity when you have closed the porch ceiling

– If you want to add a ceiling fan to your porch, make sure you take this into account when deciding on the height of your ceiling

– Durable plastic and glass panels provide weather protection that also maximizes natural light

– No matter what type of canopy ideas you have, when choosing a canopy, make sure that the roof is properly prepared to avoid any type of water damage

– You can also choose an open ceiling in which rafters that hold the roof are exposed. This choice is rustic, but could do the job pretty well

– If you want to add solar panels this might be a good idea if you want to keep electricity costs down but cost more to install. So make sure you set the right budget

How much would it cost?

The manufacture of a canopy can range from $ 16 to $ 30 per square foot. For a 200 square meter structure, this value is between $ 3,200 and $ 6,000. An important part of the total depends on what materials you use

Here is an example for you to consider:

Frame $ 6- $ 9

Decking / building materials $ 5- $ 7

Metal roof $ 7- $ 14

Asphalt $ 5- $ 6

Clay tile $ 8- $ 10

A total of $ 16 to $ 30

When you hire a contractor, you expect a team of professionals to come and do the job. All of the professionals out there typically cost $ 20 or $ 40 per square foot. So before you make your final canopy plan, you should think about all of the aspects that could result. Sometimes it can cost more to install after your canopies are designed by the team you hire.

Final thoughts on these porch roof ideas

To sum up, you have many ideas for canopies that you can play with. The ones we showed you work with certain houses. So make sure you find the right one for you. There are many styles and chances are you will find one that suits you.

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