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The Best Lawn and Garden Edging

Awning edging products can make landscaping and maintaining your lawn easier. Grasses can be aggressive plants. They like their space and don’t want another plant in it – unless that other plant is, of course, a dandelion or clover with a strong will and fast-growing root structure.

Edging your lawn won’t keep it weed-free – you need natural or chemical treatments for that – but creating a barrier between your grass and other plants in your landscape can make your garden look neater and more attractive. Additionally, landscape edging products allow you to create shapes and borders that add visual interest to your lawn and plant many types of plants in close proximity as long as they have room to grow.

Your local garden center will likely sell several different edging kits, including plastic edging, aluminum edging, steel edging, and others. Landscape edging also includes concrete edging, brick edging, and decorative edging such as trellis or fence.