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What is a bidet and why should you buy one: a brief history of the bidet

Great stories are hard to find, but they all have one thing in common: a great protagonist. What makes this protagonist so amazing and the story worth reading is their background. The situation is similar with the antique French lamp called bidet.

Our story begins in the 17th century when the French realized how making this lamp could solve many of their hygiene problems. The legend of the bidet was born and soon reached people in the Middle East and the rest of Western Europe. Unfortunately, the Anglophone world still seems immune to the charms of the bidet today. So let’s see if these amazing benefits can change your mind.

1. The protector of the Tush

If you think about it, toilet paper is only made from processed and bleached wood. This is something that you can use on yours most intimate areas every day. No wonder cuts and allergies can occur. Because no matter what we call it, toilet paper is basically still wood.

Using a bidet is much healthier for your skin as there is no possibility of a rash, cut, or anything in between. When you wash with the bidet, your skin stays fresh without bruising or infection threatening your intimate areas. After all, the most delicate part of your body certainly deserves equally delicate protection to take care of.

2. The backbone of frugality

If saving every penny is vital, the bidet will help you save where you thought you couldn’t be more economical – in the bathroom. The cost of toilet paper isn’t high, but it adds up to millions of dollars over the year simply because you have to buy it over and over again. In the long run, it pays more to buy a decent bidet than to buy it keep buying toilet paper.

Plus, if you use too much of it, toilet paper can clog your pipes. In some cases, the pipes need extensive repairs. Owning and using a bidet eliminates this risk completely. Research has even shown that people in the Middle East and Western Europe spend far less money on toilet paper than stubborn and shy Anglophones.

3. The epitome of feminism

There is no one who understands female needs more than the bidet. There is also no one who supports women better than the protagonist of our story every day of the month. Women know very well how uncomfortable this part of the month can be, especially when it comes to hygiene. The bidet reacts sensitively to this taboo subject and deals with your needs with an open heart. You can’t jump in the shower every time you change pads or tampons, but you also can’t feel unclean, especially if you have a strong flow.

How are you? You let the bidet take care of you. Only by crouching can you wash off blood and remove it effectively. Some bidets even have special seats designed to help women. There are a variety of models to choose from, so you may need to read a few Bidet toilet seat reviews to make sure you’re making the right purchase.

4. The badge of social responsibility

In this day and age when it comes to going green, a hero stands out. Of course, like any great hero, the bidet would be nothing without the people who help him with his work. When you install a bidet in your home, you automatically lower the demand for toilet paper. Because toilet paper is made of paper and paper comes from trees, you are helping to conserve forests.

The more people own and use a bidet, the more trees will be saved. When we put our hands together and help the bidet do its job, we’re one step closer to saving the earth. You may still need toilet paper, even if you use a bidet. However, the number is significantly lower, so we can completely avoid the unnecessary use of toilet paper.


So the story of the bidet ends, but this is by no means the end of the bidet. In fact, it’s just the beginning. This article is just the legend that will be retold in the hope of igniting the hearts of those who are still not convinced of the amazing power of the bidet. If you are one of the unbelievers who only trust their eyes, take this opportunity to discover firsthand the positive effects of the bidet. Your bathroom aches after its newest addition.

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