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5 different types of bedside tables to upgrade your bedroom

In terms of aesthetics and usefulness, bedside tables are indispensable for every bedroom. Without bedside tables, your bed can look lonely and the room can feel unbalanced. If you are looking for bedside tables, you should be aware of the options available.

When shopping for bedside tables, don’t limit yourself to the taxonomic limits of Furniture stores. Be brave and browse the accent tables, side tables, hall chests or even the categories for desks. These pieces cannot be intended for use as bedside tables, but they often act as a functional replacement. Here are some types of furniture that are commonly used instead of bedside tables.

Traditional bedside table

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source: Hooker furniture

These are the bedside tables that most people probably imagine. Most traditional bedside tables have a drawer, possibly a shelf, and an excellent surface to place a table lamp and a coaster on. These types of bedside tables are usually of conservative dimensions and are designed to be placed side by side.

Note: The term “traditional” here describes the conventional bedside table design with 2 or 3 drawers, not that traditional style from any Furniture

Many furniture manufacturers design with a view of entire collections. That said, there is likely to be a bedside table out there that will match your bed. However, such a uniform design is not always the case with cheap furniture. Furniture doesn’t get the same branding as many other products. It may not be possible to determine the brand and name of the bedside table collection that match the existing bed frames.

Bachelor chest

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source: Bernhardt Möbel

These are close relatives of the traditional bedside table, but are larger and offer more storage space. They were originally used as a more versatile piece and often included a pull-out top drawer with a foldable drawer front for writing. Compared to an accent box, they have a smaller depth and are more suitable for placement on the bed.

Modern bachelor boxes are commonplace in furniture stores and are often designed by furniture designers as part of bedroom collections. Just like conventional bedside tables, this means that a bachelor box will likely fit your existing bed frame. Bachelor chests are perfect for anyone who wants a little more space and storage space.

Accent breast

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Source: Lexington Furniture

Accent chests are not limited to living rooms, corridors or home offices. There is no interior design rule that says you can’t use an accent box as a bedside table. Most furniture catalogs are littered with corridor, accent and drawer boxes, which – depending on your preferences – perfectly match your bedroom.

However, there are some limitations to consider. Most accent boxes are not Designed for use as bedside tables. As such, you will find that many are much larger than would be suitable for a real bedside companion. This applies to both the width and the depth.

Bedside table

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Source: Lexington Furniture

Are bedside tables similar Emphasizing chests, however, differ in one important point: they are much smaller. These pieces serve as conversation pieces in hallways, next to armchairs or in small rooms such as reading corners. Again, you won’t break principles of interior design when you swap a bedside table for a bedside table.

Bedside tables are usually advertised as Hall Cabinets, accent Cupboards or – if you are lucky – as bed Chests. There is a lot less demand for this piece on the furniture market, so you will find a lot less options. Finding a suitable bedside table may require some digging, but can often be the defining element of a well-designed bedroom.

Bedside table

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source: Universal furniture

Bedside tables are similar to bedside tables and bachelor boxes, but have no storage space. They are characterized by thin top surfaces, may or may not have floor support, and sometimes have features such as sliding writing compartments or gallery tops. Many bedside tables with 1 drawer are functional counterparts to bedside tables.

Bedside tables are simply designed. They have less surface area, less storage space and are generally smaller. These are perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a large selection of books or other products to get them through the night. Bedside tables are rarer than bedside tables, but still popular enough to find matching designs for existing bed frames.

Final thoughts

Bedside tables are one of the most common pieces of furniture in every home. They are always there, serve as valuable tools, and can help bring any bedroom decoration project together. The types of bedside tables listed here should not be viewed as a complete list, but rather as little inspiration for your options as a designer. There are many other options out there that could also serve as a bedside table!