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9 Cleaning Mistakes That Can Lower Your Home’s Retail Value

There are many factors in your home that can help increase or decrease the real estate value of your home.

One of the things that will affect the retail value of your home is its cleanliness. If you neglect some parts of the house in terms of cleanliness, you may decrease your property value.

If you want to find out what cleaning mistakes can decrease the retail value of your home, read on below.

1. Don’t clean floors often

One aspect of the house that gets the most stains is the floors. You will enter several times a day. Plus, it takes the brunt of a lot of pedestrian traffic and tends to accumulate a lot of debris.

If you want to increase the sales value of your home, you should clean your floors more often. If you have floor tiles, it is important that you clean between the spaces between each tile. This is the part where dirt is most evident. Therefore, clean them carefully.

If you have shimmering floors at home, your home will be much more attractive. It will not only be attractive to you, but also to potential buyers.

2. Ignore carpet stains

Another thing that will be present on many floors in your home is carpets.

If you have carpets, there is no way to ignore carpet stains. Ignoring the stains on your carpet that are made up of more striking colors is a definite mistake on your part.

It has the effect of making your home appear a lot dirtier than it is. It adds the look and feel of a home that hasn’t been maintained by the homeowners. As you would probably understand, this idea is not attractive to home buyers.

3. Keep your front door unpolished

You might think that the attractiveness of your home is just about your lawn, or even just your front door, but it is not.

Your front door is a massive part of your curb appeal, and in some homes it may be your only form of curb appeal. This is why you should also pay attention to its appearance.

By not polishing your front door hardware, you are reducing the attractiveness of your home. Plus, it doesn’t make a great first impression, although it would likely have no impact at all.

You don’t want this to happen, so polish up your front door fittings.

4. Discolor the joints and let them become greasy

Another cleaning mistake that people often make is that the mortar becomes greasy or discolored.

If you have a greasy and discolored grout, it will have a huge impact on the unattractiveness of a room. It calls out for poor maintenance and low value.

If left untreated, the discoloration can also be permanent.

Nobody likes permanently discolored mortar. To prevent this from happening, you should properly maintain the grout in your home. It can have a lot more positive effects on the attractiveness of your home than you would think.

5. Do not clean your devices regularly

Speaking of proper maintenance practices, not cleaning your equipment weekly can go a long way in reducing your home’s retail value.

A top according to MaidSailors Cleaning service provider in NYCCertain devices that are not cleaned regularly can affect overall performance. Not to mention it makes the device look less attractive.

If you do not clean your devices regularly, it can damage the hardware and become faulty. This is not a plus for you and it can prevent many people from buying your home.

6. Clean the hard surfaces with the wrong cleaners

Many cleaning mistakes that humans make are due to ignorance or lack of knowledge. This can happen in the form of wrong cleaning agents on certain surface types.

For example, if you use a vinegar cleaning solution on marble countertops, you will damage the countertops and dull their sheen.

Before using a cleaning solution on hard surfaces in your home, double-check that it is suitable for the material. This can help avoid the additional cost of replacing those hard surfaces. Plus, you can keep your countertops shiny, which is always nice in a home.

7. Do not clean your HVAC system seasonally

If you have a poorly maintained HVAC system, it can be the cause of soaring utility bills. Also, these HVAC systems are most likely unable to cool or heat the house as well as they used to.

With poor air conditioning in the house, the sales value of your home will not be better.

Make sure you clean the HVAC system when the seasons change so you don’t spend a lot of money on your heating or cooling needs. If you keep it dirty, not only will you suffer from your utility bills, but you will eventually have to buy a new one because you will damage the system.

8. Keep the humidity out of control

Speaking of tinkering with air conditioners, another factor that can decrease the retail value of your home is the humidity of your home.

If your home is too damp, this type of environment can be a breeding ground for a lot of mold and mildew that you don’t want in your home.

If your home is too dry, many parts of your home will dry out and peel off. That being said, it may not be good for your health either.

Controlling the humidity of your home is vital not only to you, but also to the overall property value of your home.

9. Ignore signs of pests

If you keep pets at home, be careful not to leave any visible signs such as piss or poop stains and smells. All of these are factors that make a house less attractive and less hygienic. These can decrease your property value.

Knowing which cleaning mistakes can decrease your home’s retail value makes you a more informed homeowner. You now have more instructions to understand how you can improve and improve the condition of your home.