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9 tips for cleaning attic

Did you start out with a neat and well organized attic and now it’s just full of things that have no other place? Cleaning and sorting an attic to make it more manageable can be a daunting task. It is something that we all owe to postponing again and again. But don’t worry, we’ve listed a few tips that will make this process a lot easier for you.

  1. Take everything out

The attic will eventually become the abyss of any unwanted object. From old furniture, table fans, winter wardrobes to Christmas decorations. It really is a box of versatile Pandora objects. So start by emptying a room in your house and removing everything from your attic. Not only does this make the cleaning process easier, it will also help you sort out.

  1. Dust it well

It’s no secret that the attic always lags behind on the dust front. There will be layers and layers of dust covering every inch of every surface. Dust the entire room with a suitable duster. Every corner, every window sill, every beam. Wear a protective mask to avoid dust allergies.

  1. Sweeping and vacuuming

Now your attic is covered in dust and dirt. It’s time to take out the vacuum to clean it up. A vacuum with a highly efficient bag is better for cleaning an attic. You can use a broom to sweep hard-to-reach corners.

  1. Pest inspection

If you discover signs of rodents such as chewed objects or feces, you should consult pest control experts. This requires immediate attention or the problem will get worse. You can reach Attic Projects Company Who will remove all the impurities and make it a habitable space.

  1. Mold inspection

Another thing to look out for is mold. Since the attic is not cleaned regularly, it can be affected by mold. Aside from property damage, persistent mold can cause allergies and breathing problems. It is best to contact an attic cleaning expert to properly tackle the shape and create a mold-free space.

6. Check insulation

Attic insulation is important to seal the gaps and keep out moisture, heat, or pests. It can also help reduce energy bills during the summer months by locking in cool temperatures inside.

Check your insulation to make sure there are no gaps or flat areas. If you see signs of moisture and mold, it’s time to replace them.

  1. Sort and donate

Now it’s time to sort all the attic items. You have to go through everything and downsize to things that you actually use and need. Donate or dispose of the rest of the unwanted items.

Then clean everything thoroughly and make sure nothing is infested with mold or pests.

  1. Organized clutter

Properly organizing an attic is a difficult task. But you can still organize it to a certain extent. With a label printer and organization boxes you can sort out smaller and loose items. Put the items you need frequently in easily accessible areas and the less-used items in the back of the attic.

  1. Regular cleaning

Try to clean the dust regularly instead of letting it build up in your attic. The cleaning process is easier to handle and also helps with early detection of mold or pest infestation.

Be strict about what you want to save. Just keep the items you are sure to need in the future and remove the rest. Hoarding everything will only make it harder for you to sort it out later.

Cleaning the attic can be an intimidating task, especially if you’ve pushed it back for a long time. If you think this is not what your skills are, you can always hire professionals to help you. Click here to learn more.