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Examples of interior design portfolios that inspire you

When we work in the world of design, regardless of the industry, it is important to build an image with the projects that we carry out.

It doesn’t matter if there are many or few, everything will work for it. With an interior design portfolio, the most important thing is that we have pictures of our decorative work. However, these photos must meet certain criteria so that they do not damage our image.

As already mentioned, we should take pictures with every decoration work that we can keep in our portfolio. This will be our workplace presentation, so we need to fill it with high quality images with good viewing angles that allow us to impress our potential customers.

What is the significance of a portfolio for the designer?

interior-designer_portfolio1 Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

Choosing a job or a scholarship in an educational institution is virtually impossible without first proving our skills. In the case of the interior designer, the way to prove its worth is through designs, whether in projects or finished.

The documentation that a portfolio for interior designers can include can range from simple plans and Autodesk files to 3D projections and photos. In addition to the data from previous studies, titles or biographies that are always required.

As with other jobs, this should be precise and contain only the necessary information so that the person who evaluates your suitability knows that you are the right candidate with unique projects and you can still surprise them.

If you want to achieve this result, stay with us to know what an interior design portfolio should look like (also applies to the portfolio of interior design students).

What does a portfolio look like? – Basic content

An introduction with your profile description

Portfolio2 Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

In this first part we will mention where we came from: our titles, studies, previous work experience, among others. It is also a good place to mention some unique features of your work or your general design philosophy (what movements you like, your inspiration and the like).

Information about the projects in each phase

portfolio-3 examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

This is the most important part of the interior designers’ portfolio. Add a significant number of projects, at least half a dozen of them, be they simple concepts, plans, or specific products.

In the event that we have participated in decoration projects, it is important that we have photos of the different phases, e.g. B. before, during and after.

Try that the works we add to the portfolio are not all similar, or in the absence, arrange them so that they have similar characteristics. The idea is to impress the customer by showing that you can create multiple projects with different styles.

How to create an interior design portfolio that leaves everyone open-mouthed

In digital or physical format?

portfolio-5 examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

Consider your potential customers and how they see your work so they can rate you. Above all, this must contain works of high quality. For this reason, the format is important, as we can benefit from one or the other depending on the budget and customer approach.

The possibilities are many. In physical format, we have albums and notebooks with pages similar to those in a photo book. These should have a tie or insert that makes it convenient to show 100% of our jobs without difficulty.

The digital possibilities are practically unlimited nowadays: we can save the files in external storage or on CD for viewing on other devices. We also have the option of doing our work in laptops or tablets for an instant presentation.

Although we recommend that any good interior design portfolio include both types of formats that need to be created in any situation.

Let the cover represent you

Examples of interior designer covers Examples of interior design portfolios that should inspire you

The cover of our portfolio should scream our personality. If we are fans of a particular style, it should also be such that the customer knows immediately what type of designer you are. You can always find examples of interior design portfolios on the Internet that give you a clearer idea of ​​this section.

Talk about your ambitions and experiences

Ambition Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

We’ve already mentioned it, and the best way to build a portfolio for interior designers is by briefly introducing what you are looking for in your work and what your previous academic and professional experience is. Be brief, only with the most important things.

Make a selection of your best projects

Portfolio11 examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

This is a pure selection step. Involving all of our projects can be counterproductive, as there are a few things that we are not very proud of or that are not really of the same quality as the others. Always pay attention to variety, but with quality.

It’s time to put together our professional interior design portfolio

interior-designer_portfolio5 Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

Once the projects have been selected, it’s time to let them speak alone with illustrations and plans. As a designer, you know that this work is a process from conception as an idea to the end result. All of this process should appear in the portfolio. Contains sketches, plans and pictures before, during and after the project. If necessary, you can also specify the references you use.

The portfolio is also a curriculum

interior-designer_portfolio6 Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

Just because in the case of the designer, the pictures speak more than words does not mean that we should leave the classic curriculum aside. Add some leaves to your prizes, publications, competitions you’ve participated in, events, volunteering, and anything that has helped you grow as a professional or student.

Always have your portfolio ready. and a business card

Examples of business card interior design portfolios to inspire you

A business card is the most effective way to get in touch with us. Always take lots of business cards with you to distribute to your potential customers. It should contain at least your contact information (phone, email, website, if applicable), your physical address and a personal logo.

Additional tips for your portfolio

Don’t be afraid to show what you know

interior-designer_portfolio7 Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

With interior designer portfolios you can showcase your work to the world. Don’t be shy when choosing them. If you are proud of one, be it what you studied, one that you did in your free time, or a project for a client, if you think it meets good quality standards, close it with all relevant data breakdowns.

Always renew your portfolio

interior-designer_portfolio8 Examples of interior design portfolios to inspire you

With experience comes quality. Just as a doctor or a lawyer studies, a designer does not remain static. Learn new trends, improve your knowledge and apply new techniques. All of these changes need to be in the portfolio in order for you to remove the ones that no longer represent your current person.

A portfolio with old projects, especially if you are a student or graduate, is a block for clients who are reluctant to give you an opportunity.

Portfolio tips for students

Student portfolio Examples of interior design portfolios that inspire you

Since you are just starting out in the workforce, your first introductory letter should be your curriculum. The first page of your portfolio should be your studies and grades so that the client has a vision of your capabilities.

Then you have to add your projects. If you paid jobs, it doesn’t matter so much if you start, if not, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing in an interior design student portfolio is to keep it organized and enjoyable so that your employer feels that your projects have the same degree.

Take the time to put your portfolio together. Look for ideas for interior design portfolios on the Internet to get visual guidance on which projects to include and how to order them so that they’re visually appealing.

Don’t forget to use online tools

Untitled-1 Examples of an interior design portfolio that will inspire you

A website is a great way to showcase your work. Customers who want to see more of your projects will be asked if they have a page that stores images and documents so that they can create extensive libraries with additional details that they do not include in the portfolio.

Managing a website effectively is an essential marketing tool today. However, keep in mind that you are not the only one who chooses these types of presentations. Many designers switch to digital media to publish their projects.

Seek advice and guidance on how to create a successful website with an attractive theme that tells your customers that your jobs are better than the competition. Below are some templates to help you build a successful portfolio.

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